Big Things are Happening for Fairtex and the World of Combat Sports!

Big things are happening for Fairtex and the world of combat sports.


ONE Championship Partners With Fairtex Fight Promotion

Beginning in August, Fairtex Fight Promotion will host Road to ONE tournaments. Athletes in three different weight categories (70kg, 61kg, and 52kg) battle it out to win a contract to ONE Championship. The multi fight deal is valued at $100,000. Select foreign fighters based in Thailand are eligible to fight in the tournament.

 “We’re grateful that ONE and Fairtex Fight Promotion are partnering together to create a pathway for athletes to earn a contract to compete in ONE,” promoter for Fairtex Fight Promotion, Prem Busarabavonwongs said. “We want a new group of athletes that will follow in the footsteps of boxers like Stamp, Yodsanklai, and Rodtang.”

Batman Reigns At Lumpinee

The trilogy has come to an end. Batman Or Atjachriiya took out Nakrob Fairtex with a huge head kick in the first round. The Dark Knight landed sharp leg kicks to begin the bout. He then switched the levels and came high. Nakrob’s guard dropped and so did his body.

The two have had a fierce rivalry. Nakrob and Batman fought twice before at Channel 7. Nakrob and the Sports Authority of Thailand thought that Nakrob won the first fight. In the second outing, a knockdown was not counted.

This third bout sealed the deal. Batman took home a decisive knockout win.


Rodtang Jitmuangnon Trains With Seesom Fairtex For ONE Championship Tournament

(In this photo: SP5 Black, KPLS2 - Black - STDBPV1 - Black/Red)

The Ironman, Rodtang Jitmuangnon is training at Fairtex. He’s been with the Training Center for the past few months as a guest. The ONE flyweight Muay Thai champion will be in a 61kg tournament. The first leg is on May 21st and he enters the ring against Jacob Smith from the UK.


Rodtang is working with head trainer Seesom Fairtex in preparation. Seesom has been with Fairtex for over 20 years. He’s developed top level athletes like Krobsut, Nareupol, and more. Seesom is known to perfect fighter’s kicks. He’s also prepared Robbinson Galvez for his upcoming bout.


Americans Fight At Lumpinee!

(In this photo: BGV16 Green)

The USA is sending its athletes to Thailand. Several fighters are ready to compete at Lumpinee for Fairtex Fight Promotion.

Thai-Ngan Le takes on Petchsrinin at 52.5kg on May 21st. The battle will take place in MMA sized gloves.

(In this photo: SP5 RedKPLS2 - Black - STDAS1 - Green)

“For someone my size the small gloves produce more damage,” the Vietnamese American said. “It’s awesome fighting in Thailand. The opportunity to progress is better. I rest for one week and then I get ready for the next fight. The consistency in fights here is great.”

Robbinson Galvez from the Bay Area goes to Fairtex Fight promotion as well. Galvez comes out of Phase 3 gym. He’s primed and ready for the fight.


(In this photo: BGV1 Red, HB6 Black/Gold)

“Training is very demanding. Which is the only way to get better,” Galvez said. 

He battles Turbo at 68kg on May 21st.

Their bouts will be live with English Commentary. Check out the Fairtex Fight Promotion Youtube from 10 am -12 pm Thai time to tune in.


Ferrari Versus Tapakaow 3

The south of Thailand saw Ferrari Fairtex take on Tapakaow Singmawynn. The two athletes fought at Channel 7, with Tapakaow winning the first bout. Ferrari then rematched and beat Tapakaow at Rajadamnern. This third fight saw Tapakaow take a points victory.


The clinch and knee fighter started fast. He grabbed onto Ferrari starting in the second. This time Ferrari wasn’t as quick escaping and countering. Tapakaow scored with a frenzy of knees. The luxury Ferrari had more power in his attacks though.

Fans of the fight were confused about the verdict. Dear Kiatpetch, promoter for Channel 7, saw the bout going to Ferrari. Sangmanee Sor Kaffee Muay Thai, a former Ferrari opponent, and ONE Championship fighter, also saw it going for Ferrari. Sangmanee took to social media. His thoughts were reposted by Thai News.

“I saw Ferrari win by a lot but blue was the favorite. Now I don’t think I know how to watch Muay Thai.”


Aaron Zackon goes to Dubai

Opportunities abound and Boston native Aaron Zackon is snatching them up. He’s making his kickboxing debut in Dubai. It will be a Kunlun Fight and Cicada show on the 21st at the Mina A’Salam Hotel. Zackon’s superfight is against Moein Hadadi.


(In this photo: HB3)

“It feels like my first time fighting internationally,” Zackon said. “It feels good that the gym is letting me fight in another country.”

Zackon is coming off a win against Amrane Sor Suwaanran at Fairtex Fight Promotion.

Author: Matt Lucas

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