Box Sparring At Fairtex, Bulking, Battles, And More...

Box Sparring At Fairtex

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The athletes at Fairtex box spar twice a week. The afternoon session starts with the sweet science. For Woodenman Muay Thai fighter Sam Colonna, box sparring helps his game.

“The guys here are high level,” Colonna said. “You learn so much just boxing with them."

In Thailand fighters will knee spar every session, and box spar twice a week. Hard Muay Thai sparring isn’t as regular.

“It’s hard enough for it to be realistic,” Colonna said. “They won’t kill you and go beyond your skill level but they won’t drop down too low either.”

Hard sparring in the west is more of the norm. There are several reasons for this. One is that there aren’t as many fights, so athletes feel the need to test themselves against each other.

Two is that Thai athletes already have the basics of sparring built in, they know when to block and when to attack. Box sparring and clinching are enough to sharpen them up.

Third is that Thai athletes don’t want to risk injury. Pulling out of a fight due to an injury is a waste of time and money for the athlete and the camp.

Born Into Battle with Aaron Born

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German athlete Aaron Born performed well in his debut performance for Fairtex Training Center. He took on Pokki Por Phumee. He blitzkrieged his opponent and won via TKO in the third round.

“It was a good start,” Born said. “I need to improve my clinching, timing, and guard.”

To increase his skill level Born clinches regularly with Fighter of the Year, Ferrari Fairtex. The two clinch together several times a week. The German athletes picks up plenty of skills from the high caliber fighter.

“To increase my timing,” he said. “I’m really training to focus on my jab.”

Timing drills such as repeated jabs, pacing, and box sparring help with timing.

Eyes are on Born. Mr. Wong, the founder of Fairtex, was impressed with his performance. If Born continues to show well the future will be bright.

How To Get Bigger With Nong Am

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Every fighter wants to be in ONE Championship. Leading female stars like Stamp Fairtex are paving the way for bigger paydays and notoriety.

“I want to fight in ONE,” Nongam Fairtex said. “It’s at the world level.”

The desire to fight must be backed by the ability to get into the ring. Nongam currently walks around at 52kg and fights at 50kg. The atomweight class for women is 52.5kg. Nongam is going to need to bulk up to be competitive.

“I was more of an IQ fighter,” she said. “ONE Championship wants more active athletes. I will also increase my weight through weight training and eating.”
Thai athletes are getting turned on to supplements and protein. The spread of nutrition science is slowly getting into the Land Of Smiles.

“I’m going to eat a lot of chicken and protein,” Nongam said with a smile.

Sounds like a delicious way to go to the top!

Young Fighter Sees Opportunity

Junior Fairtex is still young in the fight game. At 17 years old she’s had more bouts than most her age.

“I think when I am 20 I will be able to get into ONE Championship,” Junior said.

The former Thai National team star fought in international competition before. She thinks she’s not ready for the big names yet.

“The level of ONE is higher,” she said. “You get a better name.”

Getting to that level means increased competition. Athletes must consistently perform at their best.

“I’m not sure I can go there yet,” Junior said. “I don’t have the technical abilities.”

Junior will show her technical abilities next month at Lumpinee.

Smilla Sundell Starts Kicking
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An athlete’s career is full of hardship. For ONE Championship strawweight champ, Smilla Sundell, the obstacle was being able to kick.

The Swedish fighter went into her championship bout with Jackie Buntan injured. She had a foot injury.

“I think it was a stress fracture,” Sundell said.

After winning the belt on points, Sundell took some much needed time off. She rested, recovered, and is back to kicking.

“I’m back to pad work with my trainer Wut,” she said. “I haven’t been able to kick in a year.”

Sundell is back to her normal routine. No belt defense is slated yet but there are rumors of a bout early next year.

Kompetchlek Sizes Up The Competition

Trainer and former WBC and Rajadamnern champion, Kompetchlek is returning to the ring. The tall fighter is walking around at a massive 82kg.

“I am happy and determined,” he said. “I haven’t fought in 7-8 months. Right now my body is 70%. I think when the fight comes I will be at 100%.”

Kompetchlek is still training other upcoming fighters such as Yoddecha. In his spare time, the former champ trains himself. He also runs regularly in the mornings.

The morning runs for the athletes vary in distance between 7km to 12km. The fighters run from the gym to the Pattaya sign. They run next to the ocean and the early morning breeze wakes them along with the rising sun.

Kompetchlek is looking fit on the runs and ready to stand tall in the ring.

Renovations Near Completion

The Training Center is under construction. The Pattaya gym is finalizing the build out of three additional rings.

The rings are almost done with construction due to be done at the end of the month.

Currently, the gym has six rings along with one MMA cage and two separate bag areas.



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