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Boxing Training At Fairtex 

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Athletes at the famed Fairtex Training Center work with our Filipino coach, Andreas. The former professional boxer works the hands of our fighters. Coach Andreas keeps it simple. He works on basic combinations such as jab, cross, and hook. He focuses on technique and footwork. 

Footwork traditionally for Muay Thai fighters is static. There is little bobbing, weaving, and or pivoting. Muay Thai boxers stand in a 50-50 engagement. Both boxers will be on the same centerline and will attack each other directly.

Coach Andreas puts footwork to use. Slight changes of direction create new opportunities for the athlete to strike.This also breaks the 50-50 engagement.

If a high level athlete, like Stamp, has a big bout coming up, Andreas will focus on that athlete.

Normal padwork includes boxing in the final round. The Thai trainers concentrate on power. The rhythm of the punches is slower and more deliberate. Elbows are in the mix as well. Basic hand controls such as pulls are used to enhance elbows.

In this photo, Petchnamneung Fairtex, who has boxed professionally before, lights up the pads with Coach Andreas. Many Muay Thai athletes cross over to boxing. Famed fighters such as Samart Payakaroon, and Khaosai Galaxy performed in both sports. In the United States, Jongsanan Fairtex had a successful boxing career.

Jaafar Van Loock Fights Muay Thai

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BJJ prodigy, Jaafar Van Loock is tearing it up. He came back from the Siam Cup in Bangkok with two gold medals. The 17 year old competed in the youth and adult divisions. He made a clean sweep of both groups with all six bouts ending via submission.

Now the future MMA star is standing up. He’ll fight next month at Lumpinee.

“Now there aren’t a lot of BJJ tournaments,” Jaafar said.

This is giving him time to focus on his striking.

“I spar MMA two times a week. For this fight, I need to train more and spar.”

The young gun admits that he has a weakness and it’s a surprising one.

“I don’t think I am good at clinching,” he said.

The stand up clinching for Muay Thai fighters is definitely different from on the ground wrestling. Comparisons between Greco roman wrestling and the Muay Thai clinch are often made. While not the same the two sports have some similarities.

The addition of elbows and knees makes the game different. It’s a game Jaafar is eager to play. We’ll see how he does next month at Fairtex Fight Promotion.

Muay Thai Style: Muay Fimeu มวยฝิมือ

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Muay Fimeu fighters are technicians of the sport. Usually naturally talented, these athletes will use their skills to outpoint their opponents.

Unlike the Muay Mat, who try to damage with hands and low kicks, or the Muay Khao who try to grind the win with clinch and knees, Muay Fimeu athletes want to stay out of the engagement.

They will often use long range weapons such as push kicks and body kicks. These attacks rack up points on the scorecards. They also keep the fighter safe from harm.

Famed Muay Fimeu fighters include Samart Payakaroon, and Nuengsiam Fairtex. 

Fairtex Training Center recruits fimeu fighters but changes their style to become more aggressive. Ferrari came to Fairtex as a very technical boxer. He is being trained to come forward with more determination and power now though. Power and technique make for a very deadly combination.

Sak Yant Saemapetch Fairtex

Muay Thai and tradition are tied tighter than a boxer’s gloves. One tradition that fixed to the sport is sak yant.

The Thai tattoo style comes from the Tai trives of Southwestern China and Northwestern Vietnam over 2,000 years ago. Each Yant/design is composed of a geometrical shape, animal, or deity that gives the bearer a magical benefit. Gifts from sak yants include power, fortune, charm, and protection.

The tattoos are given by Ajarn, or teachers that specialize in the craft. Tattoos are traditionally done with a bamboo needle. Some modern Ajarn will use electric machines.

Many foreign Muay Thai enthusiasts get sak yant as part of their journey in the sport.

In this photo Saemapetch shows off the sak yant on his back.

Taping Up injuries

(In this photo: Fairtex Muay Thai Curved Pads)

Every athlete deals with injury. Minor sprains, bruises, and aches are common in the sport. Professional fighter Aaron Born deals with his injuries by taping.

“I’ve taped my ankles before fights,” he said. “It makes them more stable.”

Recently Born damaged his thumb. To solidify the digit, he taped it.

“I learned how to tape my injuries from Youtube. Nakrob also taught me how to tape my hand.”

Athletic taping is also used for pain management. Taping on inflamed tissue can shorten the inflamed region and lower pain.

The Perfect Kick

(In this photo: Fairtex BGV14 Blue Muay Thai Boxing GlovesFairtex BPV1 Belly PadFairtex KPLC5 Muay Thai Kickboxing Lightweight Thai PadsFairtex AS1 Ankle Guard)

Muay Thai athletes work hard to perfect their weapons. What are they aiming for? The perfect kick!

A superior kick has the following attributes:

The lower part of the shin, above the ankle, connects with the target.
The corresponding arm is thrown down to generate power and balance.
The hip is rotated inward to engage the core.
The stabilizing foot has stepped inward and at a forty five degree angle.
The other hand is raised for defensive purposes.

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