Shir Cohen Fights Thaiwasadu 53kg Final and more

Breaking Hands, Rain, Tournaments, And More In This Week’s Fairtex News

 When Do You Find Out Who You Are Fighting

(In this photo: HB16 Hydro Heavy Bag, HB7 Muay Thai Pole Heavy Bag)

In Thailand, you don’t know who you’re fighting. With so many events so regularly and a never ending list of fighters, bouts change quickly.

 Most promotions will match up 3-5 weeks ahead of time but often the announcement isn’t until the week of the fight. For many boxers, they won’t know who they are fighting.

 Elissa Keck is experiencing that. She’s going into her third fight at the famed Lumpinee Stadium.

 “I’m doing good,” Keck said. “I’ll next soon when I fight. I want to know a week before rather than at the weigh ins.”

 Keck’s official opponent will be announced next week. There are often changes though. Keck will know for sure when she steps into the ring.


Shir Cohen Fights Thaiwasadu 53kg Final

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Israeli fighter, Shir Cohen, put on a performance. An accomplished kickboxer she switched to Muay Thai. Recently she faced Eva Photo for the Thaiwasadu tournament final at 53kg.


“I still need to work on Muay Thai rules,” Cohen said. “I’m still fighting kickboxing style.”

 It went five rounds of fast and furious action. Cohen was cut mid way through the fight. She continued to battle. Her opponent, taller and skilled with her elbows sliced at Cohen.

 I didn’t elbow and clinch,” Cohen said.

The former soldier used her best weapons, her boxing and leg kicks. She was pulled into the clinch though and that’s where her opponent got the better of her.

Cohen is on the rise and a star in the making though.


Fixing The Hand


Injuries happen. The latest for Aaron Zackon is a hand injury. He broke his hand while fighting. He hit his opponent on the top of the head and his hand went numb.

Healing is the next step. In Pattaya Thailand, there are options for rehab. Zackon chose physical therapy.

 “I get laser treatment, a massage, and wrist exercises,” Zackon said.

 The cost per visit is only 1,000 baht. Zackon went to the therapist 5 times over the last month to fully rehab his hand. Now he can go back to doing what he loves, throwing the cross.


Nongamm Fighting Lisa Brierly at ONE

(In this photo: SP5 Blue Shin Guards)

After a third round KO win, Nongam is back in the ring. She will face the fearsome Lisa Brierly of the UK.

 Brierly is a long time southpaw fighter. Training out of Manasak gym in Chiang Mai, Brierly is a former Lion Fight Champion.

 “I’m excited,” Nongamm said. “Because Lisa has a lot of experience. She beat my friend Sawsaw Sor Ali.”

 Nongamm is experienced herself. She’s gone on a solid run at Lumpinee.

 “I’ve fought a few Southpaws,” Nongamm said.

 The tactic against Southpaw fighters is to use the dominant/rear hand and leg. Brierly will look to do the same.

 Whatever happens, we know that it will be an experience for Nongamm.


Kendu Talks Thaiwasadu Tournament

The Thaiwasadu Tournament was exciting. Kendu Irving got to the finals with a knock out and a points win. He faced Naruto Sathian Muay Thai.

 Irving clipped Naruto early in the first round. Naruto dropped. He didn’t get up.

 Later Naruto was investigated. The Thai fighter said he was scared to continue to fight Irving. He is banned from the promotion and the stadium.

 Now Irving will defend his championship belt.

 “Everyone in the tournament lost,” he said. “I will fight Pornsawan, a runner up. I just don’t think he deserves to fight for the belt.”

 Pornsawan fought Naruto in the semi finals. He lost on points.

 To establish Irving as the legitimate champion, Fairtex Fight is matching him against Pornsawan. The Manhattan native is confident in his abilities though.


River Daz Challenges Himself

It’s off to ONE Lumpinee for Australian athlete River Daz. He is a pro Muay Thai fighter with Glory kickboxing and professional boxing experience. Daz’s record is unblemished in Muay Thai. He is challenging himself though. Daz fights in small gloves for his next fight.

 “It scares me a bit,” Daz said. “I like the challenge though. It’s helping me grow.”

 Fighting in the small gloves is a test. Boxers can slip in shots that would otherwise be deflected by larger gloves.

 “It’s asking a lot of me but the pressure and the danger is helping. It’s leveling me up.”

 Daz is undergoing the full Thai style regime. Morning runs and lots of padwork. He’s surrounded by experienced athletes that have fought in small gloves before though.

 His fight will be announced soon.


Thai Dessert

Made of coconut milk, taro, corn, and boba, this Thai dessert was a treat for the fighters. Served in small plastic bowls it was a perfect combination of savory and sweet.

 The athletes get food from Mr. Wong on a daily basis.


Drying Out In The Rainy Season

(In this photo: Muay Thai Curved Pads)

Thailand’s rainy season is coming. It will pour rain for twenty to forty minutes and then dry out. Equipment still needs to be dried though. So the pads are put out on the ledge for some extra sun.


Clinching For MMA

MMA fighter Uloomi Karim is clinching. He’ll be entering the Muay Thai ring. The Pakistani athlete is working his striking. Follow athletes like Stamp Fairtex, use their superior striking to get big wins. Karim is looking to do the same.


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