Can you hear his name? and more...

Can you hear his name?

(In this photo: BS0639 Fortune Black)

The warrior from Surin took the stage at ONE Lumpinee. He’s been on a run of great form. His aggressive boxing heavy style plays well at ONE.

His wins include Sherzod Kabutov, Jaiyi Chen, Ploywittaya and Petchsimuen. He recently knocked out Petchphuthai.

The latest win came in the first round. Nakrob connected with a right hand. It stunned Petchphuthai. He moved forward. Then he finished off his opponent with two successive elbows.

His stellar performance saw him take home a 350,000 baht bonus.

A Lesson In Blocking

(In this photo: BGV18 Gold)

Sia Long of China learned an important lesson. His opponent at Fairtex Fight, Saendee Bunluealalyon cracked him with body kicks.

Sia absorbed them and came forward with his hands. Long landed a spinning back fist that sent Saendee down. It was enough to get the points win for Long.

(In this photo: BGV19 Deluxe Tight-Fit Gloves-Red, BGV14-Blue )

But all the body kicks did damage. When Long came back to the gym his ribs were marked up. He didn’t block a single kick. And the bruises showed.

Getting Fights

(In this Photo: BS0637 Superstitious White

Kru Chao and new fighter Bua take a photo. Simple photos like this are for fighter profiles and or posters.

When an athlete wants to fight they will have their photo taken. The athlete stands against a blank backdrop with their arms crossed or in guard.

Their stats are written down: Height, walking weight, fight weight, date of birth, trainer, gym, and nationality.

If they are foreigners the promoter will want to know how long they are staying in the country as well.

Fight videos go to the promoter. From there the promoter will find an appropriate match-up. The coach/gym is contacted and the bout is confirmed.

But it all starts with a simple photo.

Superbon pays a visit

(In this photo: FX Sanded T-Shirt, BGV11- Green)

ONE Championship Kickboxing Champ Superbon came to the training center. The former Muay Thai fighter transitioned into kickboxing six years ago.

Known for his vicious head kicks, Superbon mixed it up in boxing. Every Tuesday and Saturday the athletes box spar. The sparring goes on for 4-5 rounds of 5 minute duration. Fighters wear 20 oz boxing gloves. The sparring is hard.

Superbon worked with great athletes like Smilla and Stamp. The Southern Thailand native filmed the session for an upcoming youtube vlog.

Explosive Training

(In this photo: BS1911 New Muay - Green&Pink)

Athletes Kongseuk and Mark Abelardo work their conditioning. Resistance training like this develops strong and resistant cores.

Fairtex boxers train strength and conditioning at least twice a week. Extra exercises such as resistance band kicks, punches, shadowboxing with weights, etc. go in as well.

Abelardo fights in late July in an MMA bout. A veteran of over 30 MMA bouts, he took home a TKO win in his last fight. He beat Taron Grigoryan via vicious knees to the body.

Nongamm Knock Out

(In this photo: FGV18 Super Sparring Grappling)

Nongamm came to Fairtex from Lampang in Northern Thailand. Her family lives in a small rural town and is part of the hill tribe community.

The mountain woman’s journey to the top was a long hike. She returned from fighting for several years. There were no opportunities and wages were low. Nongamm worked as a personal trainer in Hua Hin. While there she was contacted by the Fairtex Fight matchmaker. She was one of the first women to fight regularly on the Lumpinee show.

Her performance caught the eye of Mr. Wong, founder of Fairtex. She was recruited by the gym. Her training continued and she seldom lost on Fairtex. In her first fight at ONE Lumpinee, she won by knock out. She took out Joo Ja See in the last round.

But she backpedaled during the fight. Her performance got her the win but it didn’t appeal to the ONE Championship matchmaking team. She was in danger of being relegated.

Fighting on ONE Lumpinee is a considerable step up in pay and opportunity for fighters. Knock out bonuses are a life changing $10,000 USD. With the first purse is a significant amount of fighters.

The Thai commentators thought Nongamm would lose the fight against Lisa Brierley. The UK athlete is very accomplished. She’s fought regularly in Northern Thailand. Brierley is a former Lion Fight Champion.

(In this Photo:  BS1903 Short Slim-cut )

But when the bell rang Nongamm was a woman possessed. She pushed forward. She kicked Breirley’s legs with hard leg kicks. Her punches were punishing. Brierley wobbled and Nongamm landed a punch right down the pipe. Brierley went down and Nongamm got up on the ropes.

Another win by knock out.

Filipino boxing coaches

(In this photo: FMV15 Punch Mitts- Gold)

Changes in the sport demand changes in training. Muay Thai fights in small gloves demand better boxing. The Training Center now employs two full time Filipino boxing coaches.

The trainers, Irwin and Mun Mun, teach athletes to use combinations and simple footwork. Athletes will step off to the side when punching. A focus is on h eavy hard punches as well. The donut pad develops hard and heavy hands.

Fairtex Road To ONE Tournament

The second season of Road To ONE is coming to Lumpinee. The last tournament saw Yodphupaa, Celeste Hansen, and Deduanglek take the win. The three gained a contract to ONE Championship. They have also stayed active with winning records at ONE Lumpinee.

The next tournament is set to start at the end of the month.

Fairtex Training Center athletes Shir Cohen and Kendu Irving will take part. Cohen was in the runner up in the Thaiwasadu tournament at 53kg. The World Games Kickboxing champion lost a close fight in the finals to Eeva Photo.

Irving meanwhile took home a knockout win over Naruto Sathian Muay Thai.

Both will get a chance with other high level fighters to win a ONE Championship contract.

 Author: Matt Lucas

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