Knock Outs at Thai Fight, Ferrari finds a fight, Bloody noses and gore, and more in Fairtex Fight News

Tengneung Sitjaysairung Slays The Day

Tengneung took out the competition again. The southpaw used his characteristic power to ko his opponent, Tun Min Lat from Mynamar.

Tengneung trains at Fairtex in preparation for his fights. He is an example of “Faak sawm” ฝาก ซ้อม. Which means to deposit and train. A fighter will go to another gym for fight camps. This happens with smaller camps that might not have the facility, or sparring partners to help the athlete progress. The smaller camp will approach a larger camp and ask them to help. The larger camp, in this case, Fairtex, trains the athlete and takes a percentage of the purse. The original camp, Sitjaysairung, still retains the athlete’s contract.

Tengneung hasn’t lost a single fight since coming to Fairtex.

Bloody Nose Stops Fight

Aaron Zackon went to Dubai for Kun Lun. The American athlete started slowly in the first round but hurt his opponent. He did, however, receive a bloody nose. The referee brought him over to be checked by the doctor. He let it go on. In the second round Zackon put the pressure on, but then the referee jumped in.

“The referee screwed me over,” Zackon said. “When I started to rally he jumped between us. My nose looked fine and I protested. I’ve never heard of a fight stopped because of a bloody nose.”

The referee said there was too much blood and ended the fight. Zackon took an abnormal TKO loss.


Maggie Vimon On The Mic

Fighter Maggie Vimon is stepping up to the mic. The American will be commentating at Lumpinee stadium for the Fairtex Fight Promotion show. Vimon’s voice will appear on Channel 7hd and streamed on Fairtex Fight Promotion Youtube. The professional fighter commentates the stacked female card on July 2nd. She will be the first female commentator at Lumpinee and at a major stadium in Thailand.

The bout list:

Chabakaew Sit Nyoksongwut vs Nong Aam GT Fitness Pranburi

Thai-Ngan Le vs Saengam Kamanchetmuangchon

Milagros Lopez vs Petchsinin Sorpuangthong

Celeste Phuket Singha Muay Thai vs Mariya Bigzongmahachai


Ferrari Finds A Fight

(In this photo: Fairtex Pink Handwraps)

The luxury fighter from Surat Thani, in the south of Thailand, goes to Rajadamnern on July 6th. Ferrari will face Petchutong Or Kwanmuang. Petchutong is a former Rajadamnern champion

“He is technical,” Ferrari said. “He used to be a Muay Yod (top level fighter).”

The bout is set for 140lbs. Petchutong has a technical style and Ferrari is going in with an open game plan.

I have to look at the fight when it starts. I have to figure it out as I go,” he said. “With Tapakaow Singmawynn my game plan was set before. Tapakaow walks forward so I turned a lot. With Petchutong I need to think on my feet.”

The bout is on July 6th at Rajadamnern.


Profile Of A Professional Coach: Kru Chao

Kru Chao is a legend. Originally from Kamphaengphet in mid Thailand, he fought for the first time as a young boy.

“I was at a fair. My dad told me that another boy hadn’t come so he told me to fight. I cried. Then my dad told me that if I didn’t fight I was a coward,” Chao said.

He stepped into the ring and fought for the first time to a draw. He went on to fight at Lumpinee and Rajadamnern. He trained out of Kaewsamrit gym then later out of Chuwattana. In 2006 he came to work at Fairtex in Bangplee. When the gym shut down he moved to Pattaya before spending six years in England. He returned to Thailand. Now he is growing several fighters like Iony Lawrence and Aaron Zackon.

“Muay Thai has given me a lot of things, it’s given me a future,” Chao said.


Road To ONE Tournament Announced

The line up for the upcoming Road to ONE tournament is up. Thai-Ngan Le is one of the few foreign fighters in the line up. The stacked tournament includes Dangkonfah, Duangdaonoi, and other female 52kg stars.

Thai goes to Lumpinee this weekend against Saengam Kamanchetmuangchon at 52kg.

“I feel good,” Le said. “I don’t know my opponent. She’s gonna be prepared though.”

Le is coming off a points loss to Petchsinin, who is also in the tournament.

“I could have won my last fight,” Le said. “I made mistakes. It was all the little things, a bad weight cut, starting slow, etc. This time I will do better.”


American Amateur Star Comes To Shine… And Eat

Kendu Irving from Renzo Gracie’s gym in Manhattan is in Thailand. The young athlete is coming off a win at Warrior’s Cup in New York. Fresh out of college this is his first trip to the motherland of Muay Thai.

“I like the depth of experience,” Irving said. “You don’t get that anywhere else in the world. We’re able to train more than in the states.”

Irving is fighting next month at Lumpinee. He’s also enjoying the local cuisine.

“I like spicy food,” he said. “I come from Jamaican spicey. It’s not Thai spicey though. Thailand has the best food in the world.”

The New York native has already eaten a litany of Thai delicacies including frog larb (raw frog meat) and crocodile.

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