Reflections On The Fight With Ellis Barboza

Reflections On The Fight With Ellis Barboza

Prada won the bout. He took out Thongpoon PK Saenchai in his ONE Championship debut. The rising UK star reviewed the fight and gave insight into his camp. 

“It was a big surprise to me getting onto the Amazon Prime card but I took it with both hands,” Barboza said.

ONE Championship airs its large international shows on Amazon Prime. The shopping network is online and they have expanded into airing content.

“People were not sure how the fight was going to go,” Barboza said.

Thongpoon’s style is iconic. He wears thick sunglasses and a heavy gold chain, reminiscent of 90’s rappers and Cholo culture.

“He’s very wild, he’s not measured, he’s erratic,” Barboza said about the fight. The bout didn’t go the distance. The UK boxer was able to knock down Thongpoon. 

In the final round, Barboza was patient and sent Thongpoon down and out with body shots.

“I wanted to take my time,” Barboza said.

The outstanding performance lit up Barboza’s career. He’s slated to return to fight soon.


Fathers And Daughters

(In this photo: Fairtex Muay Thai JerseyFairtex BPV3 Belly Pad)

Apisit Fairtex is a legend in the sport. The former Channel 7 regular came to Fairtex a few months ago. He’s brought his son, Neungsiam up. The tall 16 year old fought at the local stadiums of JF and Max Muay Thai. Now his son fights at Fairtex Fight.

In the meantime, Apisit is training his daughter.

“She goes to school here in Pattaya,” Apisit said. 

His wife moves back and forth between Pattaya and Khon Kaen. The city is one of the largest in Isaan and also Apisit’s home. 

Quality time is important as Apisit is going abroad soon. He will go train athletes at the famed DCS gym in Vancouver Canada.


Kim In Jae Goes For Lumpinee World Championship Belt

(In this Photo: Fairtex FMV15-YellowFairtex Heart of a Warrior Gloves)

Korea was not known for its Muay Thai… until now. Kim In Jae is sweeping through the stadium. The Korean athlete is part of the Lumpinee World Championship Global House Tournament. 

He knocked out his first Thai opponent with an elbow in November. Then downed a second foe with a short right hand. 

He’ll face a final opponent in Kulabdam Sor Roengchai on January 13th at the Mecca of Muay Thai. 


Mr. Wong Gives A Speech

It was the end of training. Mr. Wong, the founder of Fairtex, brought the athletes and students together. 

Fluent in both Thai and English, Mr. Wong gave his speech.

The topic was fight opportunities.

“You have a good chance fighting on Fairtex Fight and Superchamp if you train here. We might have another show soon too,” Mr. Wong told the boxers.

The camp set a 5 year record with number of fights. The Training Center aided 188 boxers into battle at venues around Thailand and the world.

“At other camps, the fighters beg to come onto the shows,” Mr. Wong said.

Acess to regular bouts and promotions that will build athletes is key to career success. 

It is Mr. Wong’s passion to help the fighters. 

“You will not find another camp that has an owner supervise the training,” he said.

Mr. Wong brings his fighters together to talk about events in the sport and to help with business advice. 


Pokbill Fights At Lumpinee

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Finnish Thai superstar Pokbill is returning to Superchamp. Coming off a win at Icon Siam and the WMC King’s birthday show he’s looking forward to his next bout.

He participates in a tournament. Superchamp holds 8 man competitions on a consistent schedule. 

It is tournament season for Fairtex. 

Kongdech Fairtex recently won the Ngern Chaiyo tournament. Elisa Keck took 3rd place in a female series for Global House. Kim In Jae fights in the final of the Global House Tournament.

Pokbill is a former Road To ONE tournament winner. The tournament begins at the end of January. 


“We touched gloves and I immediately jumped on him”

(In this Photo: BGV1 ONE)

The Filipino Flash, River Daz went to war. He took on Seksan Or Kwanmuang in a spectacular bout on ONE Lumpinee. The star studded lineup included Nong O Gaiyanghaadao, Petchjeejaa Or Meekun, Tawanchai PK Saenchai, Superbon Banchamek, and Prajanchai PK Saenchai.

“The game plan was to hit his body as much as I can. And push him back,” Daz said.

The Aussie athlete went full throttle from the opening bell. The bout went the distance with a contentious split decision. 


Fighting Chinese 

(In this photo: Fairtex BPV3 Belly PadKPLC5 Thai Pads, AS-1 Black, BGV1 ONE)

Sia Long is learning new skills. The hard punching fighter was wrecked in the clinch in a recent bout. 

So he’s dedicated himself to learning more about the Thai clinch.

He’ll put his lessons to the test at an upcoming bout at Fairtex Fight. 


Yodnamchai and his son

Yodnamchai is on a massive win streak. He’s won all his fights this year including impressive knockouts at ONE Lumpinee.

But happiness is spending time with his young son. The two of them sat together for the annual New Year’s party at the Training Center. 


 Author: Matt Lucas

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