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Saemapetch Wants Revenge

(In this photo: BPV2 Belly Pad)

Saemapetch makes his long awaited return to ONE Championship on August 26th. He faces Rittewada Petchyindee Academy. The two met before last year in November. Saemapetch was launching hard punches. His attacks were landing on target and Rittewada was falling apart. Then Rittewada struck with an elbow. It sliced open Saemapetch. The cut was big and the fight was stopped in the second round.

This time Saemapetch is coming in with a game plan.

 “I want to low kick,” Saemapetch said. “I’ll block the elbows and punch.”

 The plan is set, now it’s time to see Saemapetch put it into action.


3 Keys For Rodtang To Beat Michael Savvas

(In this photo: BPV3 Belly Pad, FMV15 Cuved Focus Punch Mitts)

Rodtang Jitmuangnon is training hard in preparation for Michael Savvas. The foreign fighter is a strong rival on The Iron Man’s path to ONE Championship greatness. The shorter fighter holds three keys to victory.

1: His aggression. Rodtang’s hyper aggression is well known. He puts his opponents on the back foot. Then crushes them with his confidence and unwavering attacks.

2: His ability to change the game. A new Rodtang came out when the Iron Man fought Jacob Smith. Rodtang used push kicks, controls, and timing techniques to outmaneuver his opponent. Rodtang showed that he doesn’t play checkers, he can play chess.

3: The small gloves. Rodtang’s power shots are undeniable. He's been pushing up the velocity working at Fairtex. Coach Andreas, our boxing coach, helps him develop. The Iron Man has Iron Hands and one shot from Rodtang could put Savvas to sleep.

Changing From Muay Thai To K-1: Nakrob Goes To Japan

(In this photo: BPV2 Belly Pad)

Nakrob Fairtex is going to Japan. The warrior from Surin faces Hirotaka Asahisa on the 11th of September at the Yokohama Arena for the K-1 World Grand Prix.

Muay Thai fighters have done well in K-1. Athletes like Buakaw, Kaew Fairtex, Superbon Singmawynn and Petchangong Petchfergus, have achieved high accolades in kickboxing.

There are some tactical changes to make. Nakrob is using more combination work, angles, and working with Coach Andreas to hone his boxing.

More Massage In Thailand

Thai massage is huge in Thailand. The athletes massage each other as well. It’s common to see the fighters walk on each other to knead out sore spots.

Thanonchai is working on the stiffness in Saemapetch’s legs. He uses an empty sponsor bottle to work the muscle.

You work with what you’ve got.

How Fairtex Is Different From Other Gyms With Ethan Quiachon

(In this photo: BGV1 GloveSP7 Shin Guard)

The USA showed up in force at the Training Center. Pro Muay Thai fighter Ethan Quiachon came to the gym for a month of training. He was at Fairtex three years ago. He competed at Lumpinee in a five round fight and won the bout easily. The Filipino American has racked up more experience. He came to Fairtex with a new perspective.

“It’s been good,” he said. “It’s a different experience but still great energy. There are different trainers. Now there’s so many high level fighters. The standards are very high.”

Quiachon worked with golden era Muay Thai fighter Worasok Sor Vorapol. He also sparred with stadium fighters like Petchpattaya, Mongkolchai, and others.

He returns to the states soon for his next challenge.

Road to ONE Tournament Blows Away The Crowd

It was luck of the draw for the match ups at the Road To ONE tournament. The fans all got winning tickets though.

The match ups and the fights were electric. In the two weeks of bouts there were plenty of highlights.

(In this photo: FGV18 Sparring Grappling Gloves)

Yodiq PK Saenchai took on Kwangtung Realfighter in an explosive three round affair. Kwangtung was determined and detonated with hard punches. It rocked Yodiq hard. The PK Saenchai fighter was able to keep his composure. In the second and third he launched beautiful push kicks to keep Kwangtung away.

(In this photo: FGV18 Sparring Grappling Gloves)

Tai Sor Jor Piak Utai has destructive power. He unleashed it against Moradokpetch Petchyindee Academy. It took Tai time to get started but when he did, he was an absolute force. Moradokpetch started the first round strong and was damaging Tai. Tai soaked up the damage and in the second let alll of his pent up aggression. He set up Moradokpetch with excellent boxing combos. Then he launched Moradokpetch into another dimension with a beautiful uppercut.

The semi finals are now set for the tournament.

Gamlai Petchpetchyindee Academy will face Lomanee The Legend Arena at 52kg.
Celest Phuket Singha Muay Thai takes on Duangdaonoi Looksaikongdin at 52kg.

Starboy Kiatpetch battles Sonrak Sit Porjorwor at 61.2kg
Deduang Sor Sommai takes on Tai Sor Jor Piak Utai at 61.2kg

Yodpupaa Dor Yotha challenges Yodiq PK Saenchai Muay Thai Gym at 70.3kg
Avatar Tor Morsri steps into the ring against Kannorsingh DNA Thailand at 70.3kg

Date Set For Kendu Irving At Lumpinee

Young American Kendu Irving is entering the ring one more time. He’s off to Fairtex Fight Promotion on September 3rd. He has plans to fix his game.

(In this photo: HB6 Muay Thai Banana Heavy BagGreen Camo Slim Cut Boxing Short)

“I want to cut off the ring more,” Irving said. “I had a little apprehension about my last fight. I was trying to pace myself too much. There are a few technical things I want to do differently. I’m practicing that when I’m doing padwork and sparring.”

This will be Irving’s second fight in his three months at Fairtex. After he will return home to his gym in Manhattan Renzo Gracie where he is trained by Joe Sampieri.

Author: Matt Lucas

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