Saemapetch Faces The King Of The North

Saemapetch Faces The King Of The North

(In This Photo: KPLC5-Black, BGV14-Grundge)

Saemapetch takes on Nico Carrillo on July 6th in Bangkok. The two meet at Lumpinee Stadium for ONE Fight Night 23.

Saemapetch is currently ranked #4 on the ONE Championship Bantamweight Muay Thai rankings. Carrillo is ranked #1.

The southpaw from Chiang Mai was ranked higher. Then he faced Nong O Gaiyanghaadao. He didn’t last against the former champion. But he returned to form after a massive knockout against Mohamad Younes and Koanar PK Saenchai.

Meanwhile, Carrillo is on a massive 14 fight win streak. The Scottish athlete’s career momentum is pushing him to the top. But in his last bout against Nong O, Carrillo was badly hurt by leg kicks.

Which just so happens to be a sharp weapon in Saemapetch’s arsenal. 

With the division torn up by the dethroning of Nong O, it’s anyone’s game. 

And Saemapetch aims to seize the chance on July 6th.


Motivation With A Knife

(In This Photo: HW2-Gray)

Mr. Wong likes to push people forward. Sometimes in positive ways. Sometimes in negative.

He recently reprinted a poster in Thai. It is to remind people of what not to do. He’s pushing people to use inverse thinking. By not doing negative things, he hopes people will choose positive actions.

“This is the philosophy of people with no future

They forget. They don’t believe. They don’t listen. They don’t do anything. They don’t think. They don’t ask. They don’t speak up. They aren’t brave. They fear criticism. They only think of themselves.”

So doing the opposite leads to success.

Remembering, believing, listening, acting, thinking, asking, speaking, bravery, and thinking of others.


Sean Climaco Makes ONE Championship Debut

Bay Area pro fighter is going to the big leagues. Fighting out of Smash Gym in Milipitas, he takes on Josue Cruz in a flyweight Muay Thai bout. 

Climaco opens the show with his debut. 

And he finished his training camp at Fairtex.

“I wanted to change up the training,” Climaco said. “Being in Thailand in general is different.”

He came to the land of smiles ten days before his bout. His coach in the States, Rudi Ott, visited Fairtex and the motherland before. 

A good friend of Fairtex, Ott recommended Climaco come to the Training Center.

Climaco jumped into twice a day training.

“The pace of the pad work is different,” Climaco said.

He worked with several trainers during his stay. He hit pads with golden era legend Rattanasak Wor Worapol and current trainer to the stars Kru Wut.

We’re looking forward to his continued success at ONE and with his career.


Stamp’s New Hair Cut

(In This Photo: HBTB-Brown)

It’s fashion week at Fairtex with Stamp. The ONE Championship 3 sport champ is sporting a new hairstyle. The semi mullet is part of Stamp’s ongoing looks. 

In most bouts, the star changes her hair style. 

And we’ll see a new change for her title defense. She faces Denice Zamboanga on June 8th at ONE 167.


Swollen Fingers

Liisi Vaht made her Lumpinee debut. The Estonian black belt took on Natsuki Takamato in a strawweight submission grappling match.

The armbar submission came in the first round. 

“I trained Saturday, Sunday, and Monday,” Vaht said. 

Her match was on Friday night.

The minor injury isn’t a problem for Vaht, especially as submission grappling is her game. 

She was quick to pull guard and immediately move into match ending techniques. She tried for a guillotine before the arm bar.

Now that she’s got her face ONE Lumpinee win, the question is… what will happen next?


Team Philippines Comes To Fairtex

The Training Center is an international hub. Fighters from around the world come to prepare for major events.

And Team Philippines National Muay Thai Coach Billy Onmula brought his athletes to Fairtex.

“We came to prepare for the IFMA games in Greece,” Onmula said. “Later we’ll bring the national junior team. And in November there is the Asian indoor games in Chonburi.”

Onmula bought 6 fighters to Fairtex. The athletes get a chance to work with different coaches and fighters.

“A lot of good trainers and good Muay Thai athletes, we can play with them and learn techniques from them,” he said.

The team includes IFMA veterans and young blood as well. 

A Broken Arm But Not A Broken Heart

Injuries are part of the game. Kim In Jae sustained a broken arm. The Korean athlete faced Petchtae Opal Paint at the Lumpinee World Championship. In the first round, he took a kick to the arm. And his arm broke.

“I think I need surgery,” Jae said.

He returns to Korea for rest and recovery.

Broken arms are common in the sport. This happens when fighters don’t block properly.

But Jae is still young in his career. He will be out of the game for a few months with plenty of potential to come back.

In the meantime, he just needs to keep his heart from breaking over his broken bone. 



Author: Matt Lucas

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