Wringing It Out

Wringing It Out

Thailand is hot. The other two seasons are hotter and really really hot. Training in the scorching heat is great for conditioning the body. Each workout drenches the athletes in sweat. It makes losing weight very, very easy.

Kendu Irving wrings out some of the hard work from his last session. The American fighter’s journey in Muay Thai started young. Now that he’s an adult he’s moved on to the big stage. He’s fighting regularly at Lumpinee.

And to do so he’s putting in the sweat equity… which sometimes he hast to wring out.


An Aussie On A Mission

(In this Photo: HBTB-Brown)

Australia is a big country. And its proximity to Thailand, plus the diehard attitude of the Aussies, makes Muay Thai a popular sport down under.

Sydney born athlete Hugh O’Donnell is a product of that system. He’s spent a formative part of his life fighting. He graced the stage of Rebellion for the massive 8 Man 70kg tournament last year and fought Fairtex’s Andy Cehovsky.

But he’s come to Thailand to rack up even more experience. His first mission is already slated. He fights Nguyen Van Chien at 77kg on April 20th. The bout will be at the famed Lumpinee Stadium.

“I feel amazing,” O’Donnell said. “It’s my first fight in Thailand in 4 years. I don’t have to cut any weight and I get to represent the famous Fairtex gym.”

It’s all looking good for O’Donnell… but the real action happens in the ring. Until then he’s on a mission to succeed.


Do You Like To Box Spar?

(In this photo: BGV1- Red)

Andy Cehovsky does. The Czech athlete is training very regularly. He’s running and doing his due diligence including box sparring twice a week.

The athletes box spar for 3-4 rounds. Each round is 5 minutes long. They wear 20 ounce gloves but will spar at a competitive pace.

“It’s like the fight,” Cehovsky said.

Practicing the fight is important. The Czech athlete is taking a little time out of the ring to manage his weight. Once it gets down, he’ll be ready to get down once again.

But in the meantime, he doesn’t mind trading a few punches.


Hands Of Stone

Uzbekistan athlete Uzair Ismoiljonov hit too hard. In his last fight at Superchamp, he fractured his middle finger knuckle. The doctor put him in a cast.

“I broke it in the first round,” he said. “I do the combination and it landed then it broke.”

Uzair relies heavily on his hands because his punches are heavy. With his digits out of commission, he forced himself to start kicking up the numbers. He’s focused more on his other weapons.

“I think in one or two more weeks it will be healed,” he said.

Uzair performed well in the past. He achieved highlight ko’s at Lumpinee on several promotions including Fairtex Fight and Superchamp.

His unorthodox style lends to the big stage. Will we see Uzair at ONE?

With his hands back to stone that just might happen!


Of Fathers And Sons

Fairtex is a generational business. Seesom and Champ are evidence of that.

Seesom guided high level athletes like Naruepol and Krobsut to the top. Now he’s building up Nakrob Fairtex.

The Surin athlete recently won over Muangthai at ONE Lumpinee.

His son, Champ works at the peak as well. He works exclusively with the best of the best. Under his guidance are Kompetch, Stamp, Smilla, and Saemapetch.

Just like Mr. Wong and Prem, the fathers and sons are building a family of fighters.


It’s Fight Week

Douglas Malagon's experience with fight week is common. He’s fought over 8 times in the last year. He fought at Rajadamnern, the local stadiums in Pattaya, and of course Lumpinee.

He goes to Superchamp this weekend to fight.

In the meantime, he’s cutting weight and getting the finishing touches put on.

And experiencing the moments only fight week can provide.


Mixing It Up From Manhattan

(In this photo: BGV1- Red, BGV1-Blue, BS1911-Pink/Green)

Kendu Irving loves to trade blows with Saemapeptch Fairtex.

“I like box sparring,” Irving said. The Manhattan based athlete lives for it. “I get to punch people in the face. Who wouldn’t like that.”

Luckily for Irving, he’s got the smooth moves to prevent being punched. The athlete goes back into the ring next month.


Tournament Ready With Elisa Keck

(In this Photo: HW2-Gray)

This weekend marks the semi final of the Thaiwasadu Tournament. Four women fight for the prize. Elisa Keck, Yuly Alves, Sarah Gohier, and Saorat Sitkrujiab all fight at 57kg.

Keck uttered a few words.

“I feel good,” she said. “I don’t know who I fight.”

But we know the fight is this weekend.

And Keck is ready for it.


Jihin Radzuan Going To Pounce

The Shadowcat from Malaysia suffered a bad injury. Her knee popped during sparring.

“I thought it was okay,” Radzuan said. “Then I tried to spar the next round. It didn’t work out.”

Radzuan was put into a cast for a couple of weeks. Then a brace. Now she’s mobile.

“I can bend it but can’t squat,” she said.

The healing is taking time but Radzuan is back in the gym and back on the grind.

‘It could have been worse,” she said.

And things are getting better for the MMA athlete. We’re hoping to see her compete again soon.


USA Dreams Of Lumpinee

Fighting in Thailand for many Americans is a big deal.

For Zech Wright it is. He’s come back to Fairtex for a second go.

His first trip out was plagued with injuries. Now he’s more focused and keeping himself in better shape.

“I came back for the opportunity to fight at Lumpinee,” he said. “

Wright is putting in the work. He’s fought at the local stadium twice already and is looking to put in a third bout of experience soon. Then he’ll try to move up.

“Fighting at Lumpinee is a fight dream of mine,” he said.

Athletes at Fairtex get regular opportunities around the world, including bouts at the famed Lumpinee.

We can’t wait for Wright’s dreams to come true.


Author: Matt Lucas

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