These Abs Will Last For Now…

These Abs Will Last For Now…


Getting abs is one of the pride and joys for a fighter. Their hard work shows, literally.

For Englishman Leo Williams he cherishes his abs… because they won’t last.

“I’ll have these abs for a solid 5 to 10 business days,” he said. “I quit eating gummy bears and sugar.”

Williams fights at Fairtex Fight on March 2nd. He enters the ring at 84kg.

“I’m hungry and a little sad,” he said.

The abs are helping ease the pain… for now.


Danger! Assault Bikes Will Kill You

Assault bikes are very good cardio machines. They are particularly good for HIIT work outs. High Intensity Interval Training gets the blood pumping.

Sprints on the bikes boost the heart rate through different levels. Resting level is 1, a mild walk is level 2, an active pace is 3, sprinting is 4, and flat out is level 5.

Most athletes when they fight oscillate between level 3 and 5.

By training on the assault bike, boxers condition their heart and bodies to take the intensity.


Who Is Your Favorite Fighter?

Seesom Fairtex started with Fairtex when Mr. Wong first opened the gym. But he began his fight career at Sityodtong in Pattaya Thailand. There he was joined by the legendary Samart Payakaroon and Kongtoranee, Samart’s brother.

“Samart trained with me and we were friends,” Seesom said.

Samart was his favorite fighter of the past but his current is Nakrob.

“He used to be a Muay Khao fighter. He trained at Sasiprapa gym,” Seesom said.

Nakrob came to Fairtex roughly three years ago. He fought regularly at Top King World Series and other locations. He took on top talent like Michael Savvas.

“His purse was 35,000 baht,” Seesom said. “Now it’s 150,000 baht.”

Seesom is very experienced in training styles. He worked with technical fighter Narupol and knock out artist Krobsut.

“I changed him to be able to punch and low kick,” Seesom said.

Nakrob’s style switch helped him become a fan favorite at ONE Lumpinee. He’s received several bonuses and is on his way to the top.


Kicking Classmates

(In this Photo: BGV1-White, BGV1-Blue, SP5 Shin GuardsBS1705-Orange)

The Fairtex athletes go to school. They pursue higher education and higher rankings in the ring. Petchwarin and Junior are studying at the same university. The two boxers are studying sports science.

“I just got done with my first year,” Petchwarin said.

Studying sports science helps develop the fighters intellectually.

“I like it because it helps me train,” she said.

Other athletes like Nongamm have degrees in sports science. Stamp meanwhile is studying marketing. The ONE Championship champ finishes her schooling later this year.

When the fighters aren’t studying… they’re busy fighting!


March 16th

(In this Photo: BS1911 Shorts)

Elisa Keck walked in.

“When are you ready?”

“I can fight soon,” she said.

Mr. Wong looked at her and then spoke.

“I think March 16th,” he said.

The gym owner is in constant communication with the matchmaker for Fairtex Fight. He calls the matchmaker when the athletes are ready.

And Elisa Keck is ready to get back in. She’s participating in the Thaiwasadu tournament. She’ll face July Yves in the finals of the tournament in April.


Use Your Hand!


(In this Photo: BGV1 Gloves, SP5 Shin GuardsBS1911 Shorts, AS1-Black)

Chokun is an experienced fighter. His father used to fight, and his older sister, Stamp, is a champ. Yonug Chokun comes to Fairtex when he’s off from school.

And he loves picking on his older sister’s friends, especially Nongamm.

He screamed at Nongamm as she sparred!

“Use your hands! Use your hands! 

It’s all in a day's work for an annoying younger brother.


Working With Celest


(In this Photo: BGV1 Gloves)

Australian athlete Celest Hansen is on the rise. She came to the gym a year and a half ago from Phuket. She moved to Fairtex after winning the Road To ONE competition. She competed at ONE Lumpinee. Now she’s fighting. On the all women’s card on March 8th.

Her trainer Mike is experienced as well.

“I’ve had over 300 fights,” he said. “I used to be at Sor Sommai with Seksan Or Kwan Muang.”

He’s taken a hard approach with Celest. He pushes her every day.

“She’s beginning to get better. Right now her body is at 80%,” Mike said. “Her best weapon is her elbow.”

Hansen is known as a Muay Buak. She pushes forward and lets all of her weapons fly. She faces Phuket’s Francisca Vera at Lumpinee Stadium.


Author: Matt Lucas

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