A New Star At The Gym and more


A New Star At The Gym

In this photo: Fairtex BS0638 Assassin Red Muay Thai Boxing Short

We have new talent at the gym. Ploydara comes to the training center with a regional belt in the Science of 8 Limbs.

Ploydara joins a strong stable of other female fighters including Smilla Sundell, Stamp, Iony Lawrence, Nongam, Junior, and more.

The female division in Muay Thai is growing. Fairtex is one of the pioneer gyms for it.


Back To MMA

The MMA team is back in business. Stamp recently signed her contract for her next fight. The official announcement comes soon. In the mean time, she’s working with several high level athletes.

Liisi Vaht returned to the gym. She recently picked up the win at the AFG Open International. She competed in the open weight division against several women on the Thai judo team. After besting them she took home a hefty prize.

Vaht is a real treasure. She’s sharing a wealth of knowledge with Stamp and the rest of the MMA athletes.

Broken Finger

(In this photo: Fairtex BGV14 White Muay Thai Boxing GloveFairtex BS1709 Leopard Slim Cut Muay Thai Boxing Short)

Celeste Hansen punches hard. The Australian warrior drove forward in her last fight against Dani Fall from the UK.

Hansen broke her pinky finger in the bout.

“I couldn’t feel it breaking,” Hansen said.


The recovery process is underway. Hansen is expecting it to take about five weeks.

“It doesn’t feel too bad. I feel it when I squeeze my hand,” she said. “Now that I have a splint it’s okay.”

Her training is more or less back to normal, except she can’t clinch. The injury is having her focus on other weapons.

With two big wins under her belt at ONE Lumpinee she’s going to go to ONE international soon.

Building Back Up

(In this photo: Fairtex BGV14 Grundge Art Muay Thai Boxing Glove

Losing isn’t permanent but quitting is.


Valentine Compagnon’s start in Muay Thai was strong. The Frenchmen performed well at the in house bouts. The fights, which happened during the pandemic, gave him an opportunity to get his feet wet.

His showing in the gym got him an opportunity to fight at Fairtex Fight. Then he took two losses. After a layoff from fighting he began on the local scene in Pattaya. He fought at Max Muay Thai and JF. The two stadiums have regular but low level fights. He tore through his opponents with four wins.

Now he’s heading back to Lumpinee with more confidence and more skill.

Because losing isn’t permanent, it’s an opportunity to grow.

Ellis Barboza Goes For WBC Title

UK athlete Ellis Barboza is at Fairtex. After an extended stint in Dubai, Barboza came to Thailand for some tune up bouts. He fought at Lumpinee twice.

His first outing ended fast. He leg kicked his opponent into submission. Barboza’s second bout went to decision where he took the points win.

Before coming to Thailand he took on tough opponents. He dropped decisions. But Thailand gave him a new spirit.

“Training is good,” he said. “I’m feeling refreshed. I’m learning every day and having fun.”

The fun continues for Barboza. He will go back to his home country on August 5th. He takes on Alex Kenton for a WBC Muay Thai title at 53.5kg.

“I have more in my arsenal,” Barboza said. “I’ve seen more of the world.”

Barboza plans to use his worldly wisdom in his next fight.


Poked In The Eye

Gasjang took on Nongnuch at Lumpinee. The fight was big. Gasjang battled her idol. The fight didn’t go far. Nongnuch accidentally poked Gasjang in the eye.

The Fairtex fighter was unable to continue after the three minute doctor’s break. She went to the hospital. Her eye was scratched.

“It was a minor scratch to the eye,” Gasjang said. “It will take another 5 to 6 days to heal.”

The bout was declared a no contest. It is still foggy if the two will have a rematch.

A Make Shift Prajiad

(In this photo: Fairtex BGV14 Blue Muay Thai Boxing 

Ferrari is always a style icon. The former fighter of the year wore a make shift prajiad (ประเจียด). The arm band was made of tape.

Prajiads are part of the ceremonial dress for Muay Thai fighters. Worn around the bicep, the piece of cloth is often blessed by a monk. It will be of cloth from a family member’s outfit. A piece of a shirt, or a dress. It is a symbol of family and hope.

The athlete wears it for confidence and luck.

Ferrari’s is self made but still fashionable.

Getting In The Rounds


Aaron Born is going home soon. The German athlete fought at Lumpinee several times. Now he’s going back home for a short visit. Since he couldn’t get in another fight at the legendary stadium he fought at JF.

The local venue has beginner fights.

“It’s good,” he said. “You should get in as many rounds as possible.”

He fought an opponent that weighed 82 kilos. He weighed 75 kilos.

“It’s good for experience,” Born said.

The German fighter was able to win by TKO in the third round.

The low level fights are very important. They build skills such as timing and ringmanship.

Born will go back to the big stage soon.

Sauna Suits Are Comfortable

(In this photo: Fairtex VS2 Vinyl Sauna Suit)

Sweating out the weight is hard. Elissa Keck knows it’s no piece of cake. Sauna suits make it easier though.

“It’s good,” she said. “It makes the weight cut better.”

Athletes will cut weight using a variety of methods. Some will water load, and others will use saunas or heat methods.

“I don’t like bath cuts,” Keck said.”

Wearing the sauna suit warms the body. The boxer will sweat profusely. This takes out water weight.

“It works so well because it’s hot here in Thailand,” Keck said.

The traditional method is to wear a sauna suit. Then the boxer will run, hit pads, and keep their body warm through regular exercise. The water weight will drip out of them.

Keck fights at Lumpinee for the third time on June 17th.


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