A Handy Update

 A Handy Update

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Breaks in hands happen. The punch is hard. The wrist bends. There are a host of reasons why the hand might break.

“My hand is good,” Nongamm said. She broke her hand several months ago. She had the doctors put in plates and screws. 

“It hurts sometimes,” she said. “I don't know when i will fight again.”

There are three major breaks in the hands. 

There is the boxer’s fracture. That happens when the fifth metacarpal in the hand breaks in the neck of the bone. After the break, the finger is commonly misaligned. 

There is carpal bossing. A bump grows on the back of the hand after a break. It can be mildly painful or completely benign. 

The third common injury is the scaphoid fracture. Eight small bones make up the base of the hand. The scaphoid is located at the base of the thumb. Falls made onto the wrist commonly cause a scaphoid fracture.


A Man Named Diamond

Thai fighters have nicknames. Usually, the nicknames are one syllable. And they often relate to items of value. 

Petch is a diamond. 

Petch Fairtex is one of a kind. But his story is like many other boxers his age.“I’m 18 years old,” the korat native said. “I started fighting when I was 7. I’ve had over 100 fights.”

Born in the rural northeast he lost his first bout. He made a name for himself and came with his stablemate Kongseuk to Fairtex. The two trained out of Sitsawatsuea. Like Kongseuk he dreams of making it to the top.

“I want to be a champ at ONE,” he said. “I have many reasons. It’s my dream. But it will also make my life better.”

The Isaan Diamond is making his life a reality. He fought his way up. He battled at Fairtex Fight. He won. Now he’s fighting at ONE Lumpinee. The young athlete is just a few wins away from a major contract and a chance to change his life. 


A Teacher And His Best Student

Every student has a favorite student. Kru Noon is no different. The golden era legend fought as Rattanasak Sor Vorapol in the late ‘90’s. He took on established names in the game including Buakaw.

Since coming to Fairtex, Kru Noon taught many of the rising and top level fighters. He’s worked with Stamp, Smilla, Ethan Quiachon and more.

“Shir is my best,” Kru Noon said. “She is strong and has a good IQ.”

A former World Games kickboxing champion, Cohen fought her way to a ONE Championship contract. Her battle for the contract was fierce. She fought Nong at Lumpinee Stadium. She was cut badly but proceeded to battle.

“We’ve worked together for 8 months,” Kru Noon said. “She’s had 5 fights and 5 wins.”

She recently made her ONE Championship debut. Her forward, aggressive, and hard punching style got her an easy win. She took out her Bulgarian opponent Teodora Kirilova in the 2nd round. 

A hard body shot took the wind out of Kirilova. Then Cohen landed a handful of overhand rights. The referee, Olivier Coste, stepped in to stop the bout. 

Her next fight isn’t scheduled yet. In the meantime, she works with her favorite teacher. 


Born To Stay 

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Aaron Born is back. The German athlete went home to Germany. He stayed home for roughly 2 months. 

He made the most of his time in his home country by teaching.

“I was working full time but i did some seminars,” Born said. “I did four but I could do more.”

Born was a seminar student at Fairtex. The Training Center put on a course “How To Teach Seminars.” Then when the German went home, he put his lessons to work.

The extra money from the seminars helped. And it grew extra fans for him. But he has clear goals.

“I’m not planning on going back,” he said.

It’s onward and upward for Born. He’s slated to fight again soon. And until then he’s not going anywhere. 


Boxing In Israel 

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Hard working Israeli athlete Shir Cohen went home. It was the first time in over a year for Cohen. 

While she was there she got in some time at a boxing gym.

“It’s very different. It’s amateur boxing,” Cohen said. 

In amateur boxing, the athletes are looking to consistently score points. They stick and move. The focus is on combinations and not as much on damage.

“I love to learn new things and I love boxing.”

The fighters box twice a week. That’s when Shir Cohen shines.


The Story Of A Scar

Kru Chao is a handsome man. And his good looks are deepened by the character on his face. 

“I got this scar from a head kick,” he said. 

There is a small scar just below his left eye. It gave him seven stitches.

“I fought 47 times and I lost only 1 time. Then I went to Bangkok. I was a countryside fighter. I used to kick banana trees and punch stuffed bags,” he said.

He worked his way to the capital. It was there that he got his taste of the big leagues.

“I was rocked,” he said.

The referee stopped the fight after the cut. Chao got his stitches and a beauty mark for his handsome face. 




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