Dropping Weight With Andy Cehovsky

Dropping Weight With Andy Cehovsky

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Czech fighter Andy Cehovsky came to Fairtex over 5 years ago. On his first trip, he was preparing for the IFMA games.

“I started to go to Muay Thai tournaments more and more. Fighting at IFMA tournaments, it’s more about scoring points. It’s not about hard punches. It’s about scoring and scoring,” he said.

The IFMA bouts have daily weigh ins. And when Andy fought in IFMA back in 2019 he was lighter. Since then he’s grown. His body filled out. He’s fought professionally.

He still cut down to fight at 73kg. Each time though was from a bigger weight.

“I was 84kg,” he said.

So he decided to do something about it. And his choice was easy.

“I started eating like a normal person,” he said. The new normal began to chip away at his weight. “I’m now between 77-78kg. I feel skinny. I can see my abs.”

Along with his abs is a new dedication to fight. He’s been out of the ring for 2-3 months. He’s been focusing on one of the hardest parts of the game – diet.


A Daughter And A Mother

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“Celest loves Muay Thai. As a parent, I accept what she does because she’s so dedicated to the sport. It’s taught her so much,” Samantha Dean said.

The Australian mother recently came to Fairtex. She spent over a week watching her daughter, Celest Hansen train.

As the sport grows so do the connections. There is still a lot of unease about participation.

“We can never predetermine what our children will be,” Dean said. “At the start, I was a bit taken aback. To think someone would punch my daughter. As a parent, you don’t want to think that’s going to happen. Over the years I’ve accepted it.”

Hansen’s career spans over 5 years. She’s fought in Phuket, in Australia, at Lumpinee and ONE Championship.

“I’m very proud of her as a fighter,” Dean said.


A Star Comes To Fairtex

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“She watched me training and smiled the entire time,” Smilla Sundell said.

Dariya Kirilova came to Pattaya. The 7 year old was all grins. She watched intently as her stars trained.

Kirilova is still training. She hasn’t fought yet. In Bulgaria, her home, athletes don’t start fighting until they are 10 years old.

“She’s a big fan of Smilla and Stamp. She knows all their highlights,” her mother Teodora Kirilova said.

Her mother and father are both fighters and coaches. Her mother’s professional record includes 14 wins and 6 Kos.

Much like in other sports, there is a growing generational bridge. It’s been happening in Thailand for a long time. But as the sport goes international, we see it around the world.


Group Training

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Regents School came to Fairtex. The international school is located in the North of Pattaya on the “dark side.” The dark side is the eastern side of Sukhumvit road. The highway travels from Bangkok to Pattaya. It acts as a divider in the seaside town between the residential area and the busy city.

Over 20 young athletes came to train at the gym.


Hydration Testing

“How do you cut weight,” Kendu asked Mark Abelardo.

Abelardo is a seasoned MMA athlete. He’s fought on ONE Championship multiple times. He fought when the promotion made the athletes do two weigh ins.

“Fight week I’m only 1-2 kilos from the weigh in,” he said. “I’ll waterload and cut that.”

Hydration testing and weight checking are complicated business. Multiple athletes, including the famed Rodtang Jitmuangnon, failed the test multiple times.

When an athlete fails hydration they forfeit 25% of their person to their opponent. When fights are for $10,000 or more that quickly adds up.

“When I do my final cut I’m only 500 grams over,” Abelardo said.

The future is bright for Iriving. He’s been at the gym for 2 years and won the Thaiwasadu tournament. Now he’s in a position where he needs to know how to do hydration testing.


Nakrob Gets A Contract


(In this Photo: AS1-Black/Red)

The fighter from Surin got a contract. Nakrob is now 8-1 at ONE Lumpinee. In his last fight he won by TKO. He took out ONE Championship regular Tagir Khalilov.

“Tagir is fast and has great combinations,” Nakrob said before the fight.

Nakrob landed strong knees to the body in the first. He peppered Tagir’s leg.

“Nakrob is chewing up that leg like a dog with a bone,” commentator Mitch Chilson said.

Moments later Nakrob used an up elbow

“Tagir Kirlova is working his way back to his feet. Nakrob first round KO. That elbow,” Chilson said.

Moments later Nakrob was on the ropes and celebrating his victory. He got a bonus and a contract to ONE Championship. He joins a stacked division that includes Superlek Kiatmoo 9.


Sia Long Body Shot!

(In this Photo: BGV5- Red)

It was short work for Sia Long at Lumpinee. The Chinese fighter came out with the hard punches at Fairtex Fight.

Like many fighters from China, Long’s fighting background is kickboxing. He’s made some adaptations to Muay Thai. His love is still for his punches though.

“Now I fight very good. Because I trained really good,” Long said.

In the first round, Long hit his opponent with a body shot. It was instinct.

“I don’t think too much. I just punch, punch, and he goes down,” he said.

He’s had a layoff from the fights but is back in form. With an easy win, he might be back in there soon. 




Author: Matt Lucas

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