Apisit returns with the highlight KO

Apisit returns with the highlight KO

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Channel 7 star, Apisit came back to the fight game with a tremendous bang. He took on Milad Behzad Warrior Academy at Fairtex Fight. Milad dropped his hands and Apisit went to town.

He rocked him, socked him, and put him down. The video of him rocking Milad went viral with over 140,000 views on the Fairtex Fight social media alone. It was shared by other large accounts including Liam Harrison.

He’s set to fight again later this month.


This Is What It’s Like Fighting In Thailand

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Aaron Born fought around the country. He’s been fighting regularly at Fairtex Fight. He recently went to the Lumpinee World Championship. There he took on Kaennorsingh DNA Thailand.

“The show is more ‘Thai style,’ Born said. “You can use Nam Man Muay, there is a wai kru, and the breaks are two minutes long.”

These are all trademarks of the sport. At Fairtex Fight there is no nam muay. Athletes get just their face dabbed with Vaseline. And there is no wai kru. This makes the show shorter and more action packed but leaves out of tradition.

Born just wants to fight though.

“For me it’s okay,” he said. “It was good for my opponent though. He got more time to rest between rounds.”

Born went on to win via points against Kaennorsingh.


How To Promote Yourself As A Muay Thai Fighter


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Self promotion is a hot topic. Big promoters like Chatri Sityodtong look at Instagram numbers to make fight card decisions. The name of the game is attention.

So how can athletes get attention for themselves?

For Ellis Barboza it’s easy. He has a following of over 30,000 people on Instagram.

“Use Instagram,” Barboza said. “Post regularly. Tell everyone. And don’t be afraid to people what you do.”

Sustained effort over a long enough period will lead to followers and attention.


Tips On Fighting As A Southpaw

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Aaron Zackon is mixing it up. The American is switching stances. He took a points loss at Lumpinee World Champion and is trying out some new tricks.

“It’s a nice change,” he said. “My kicks are good but my boxing is still very foreign.”

He’s been hitting pads and sparring as a southpaw. The change in stance may help in the fight. Legendary fighters like Samart Payakaroon and Somrak Khamsing switched stances regularly.

“It’s less comfortable because I haven’t practiced it as much as I want. I can maybe switch in fights,” Zackon said.

Zackon is due to fight at the end of the month at Lumpinee.


She’s Going For It!

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Shir Cohen is in the finals of the Road To ONE Season 2. She’s won in both the quarter and semi finals. Now she’ll face Nanghong Liangprasert in the finals on October 28th.

“I feel confident and excited,” Cohen said. “I trained hard and I will give it my everything.”

Cohen looked at Nanghong’s last fight and is using it as a guide. She’s been practicing her blocks after the training session is done, Cohen stays and practices her blocking.

“The trainers push me. Everything we do cardio, padwork, sparring, it all has a purpose. To get your stamina up, to work on your power,” Cohen said. “It all has meaning.”

Cohen is a kickboxing champion. She won the World Games in Birmingham Alabama. Now she aims for her next big goal.

She’s going for it!


This Is What It’s Like To Watch The Fight Live

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Nongamm Fairtex was lucky enough to see Stamp and Smilla get their belts.

She flew to Singapore to see the two champs defend the Strawweight Muay Thai belt and win the MMA Atomweight belt.

“I was very excited because it was a big fight,” Nongamm said. “It was a historical fight for Stamp.”

Stamp has won three belts in three separate sports. She’s won a kickboxing belt, a Muay Thai belt, and most recently an MMA belt.

“There were a lot of supporters for Stamp’s opponent Ham. I was going crazy for Stamp,” Nongamm said.

Her loud cheers were heard by Stamp.

“I liked the atmosphere a lot,” she said. 

It was also the first time in Singapore for Nongamm.

“It’s so clean there,” she said.

Nongamm is a ONE Lumpinee fighter. She’s due to fight again soon.


These Are Greats In The Sport

Nong O Gaiyanghaadao

Smilla Sundell

Mr. Wong

Stamp Fairtex

Superbon Banchamek


 Can You Change Your Career?

(In this photo: Fairtex HB6-BlackFairtex US Flag BGV1)

Sonrak Sit Jor Por is on a little skid. He’s lost his last few fights at ONE Lumpinee. In his last four bouts, he’s won only one.

He’s come to Fairtex to change that. The goal is that the higher level of training will put him up to another level.

Other high level athletes like Kompetch, Kongseuk, Nakrob, and Ferrari will help sharpen him.

There’s always time to change the game.  


 Author: Matt Lucas

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