Kompetch Wins At ONE Lumpinee

Kompetch Wins At ONE Lumpinee

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He was the main event. Kompetch took on Kongchai Chanaidonmuang.

Kongchai trains out of the famed Tor Sangtiennoi gym in Pathum Thani. The gym is known for its hard training and traditional attitude.

But when the two met, the crowd roared.

“It’s two ultra exciting men,” the commentators said.

It was southpaw versus orthodox. And Kompetch won the points decision.

“I trained for two months and I trained my right kick regularly,” he said. “Gongchai’s left is quick. His boxing was highly accurate. Today he fought with more accuracy which surprised me.”

The former Lumpinee and Channel 7 belt holder recently won a kickboxing fight against Huo Xiaolong. He’s 2 for 2 at Lumpinee.


This Was A Tough Task – Junior battled Zehra Venum Muay Thai

Junior took on Turkish fighter Zehra Dogan. Dogan opened early with hard punches and push kicks to the face. Junior’s head snapped back fast.

“The push kicks were laser like,” the commentators said.

But Junior kept pressing forward. She closed in and landed body kicks. In the second round, Dogan slowed.

“Junior is working her way back into this fight,” they said.

A big right hand to the body sent Dogan down. The Turkish fighter tried to protect her body but she kept attacking. She mixed in the knees and sent in more body shots. The referee stepped in. Junior won by knockout and is now ranked.


Fairtex At Super Champ

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Three athletes competed at Super Champ this weekend.

Aaron Zackon, Ellis Barboza, and Y2k all stepped into the ring for action.

Fairtex athletes will regularly go to the show. The matchmaking team for LWC changed. Fairtex has taken over.

Aaron Zackon faced Parham Gheirati in the first bout of the day. He was rocked early. The American got to his feet and pounded in crushing shots to the body. In the third Gheirati protected his points. He moved away from Zackon to take the win.

Ellis Barboza started off fast by puncturing the tires of his opponent Lukdod Sitparang. He was able to take an early lead and continued to hold his position. Barboza won his fight on points.

In the main event Y2K rematched Ognjen Topic. The two met before at Max Muay Thai ages ago. Y2K won their first bout on points.

Their rematch went the way of Y2K. The Thai fighter landed the more effective and damaging shots.

Aaron Born enters the ring this Saturday at LWC. He faces Kaennorsingh DNA a familiar face on Fairtex Fight.


How To Teep

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The push kick is aimed at the body. There are a few targets for the teep. It can be aimed at the belly, just below the belly button, the sternum, the face, or the leg.

Each attack creates different forms of damage. Teeps to the body slow an opponent. Teeps to the face are sharp and painful. Teeps to the leg slow forward momentum.


How to Hold Pads

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Holding pads is an art form. Thai trainers know how to do it from learning on the job. They hold pads regularly. The pad holder must hold the pads close to their body and reinforce the pads when the athlete kicks.


MMA Sparring

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Twice a week the athletes at Fairtex will MMA spar. The sparring sessions are heating up as Stamp gets closer and closer to her title bout against Ham.

A primary skill in the sparring in the cage is footwork. Athletes can’t be trapped in the corner. They can however be pressed up against the cage. The cage doesn’t allow for as much bending backward as ropes do.

A good way to move around the ring is in a J curve. The athlete will back up one step and then turn to readjust. This prevents them from running backward to the cage.


Can You Do A Proper Push Up?

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Robbinson Galvez demonstrates how to do a proper push up. The body and core are engaged. The center of the body goes down in a straight line. The arms push up the body.

Push ups are a great foundational exercise.


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