Bruised But Not Beaten

Bruised But Not Beaten

Maggie Vimon traveled to Khon Kaen. The Isaan city is the fourth largest in the country. It is also in the heart of Isaan. The rural northeast of Thailand is home to Muay Thai. Fairtex hosted a show in the countryside city.

And Vimon battled Petchprayun Sor Kamsing at 48kg. The battle was outside, in a field. Over 500 locals came to see Vimon and others battle.

Vimon fought valiantly. She picked up a black eye.

“This is my first black eye,” The Thai American said.

There are several ways to treat a black eye. Some ice it, others put cold peas on it, or a steak.

“I gently massage it so it doesn’t hurt so much,” Vimon said.

The bruising should disappear in a week or so, and Vimon will gear up for another fight.


Prada Ready For Luxury

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Mr. Wong gave Ellis Barboza a nickname, it’s Prada.

The Italian fashion house was founded in Milan in 1913. They produce handbags and other accessories.

“Prada signifies money, high value, a good asset,” Barboza said.

The asset is tested this week at ONE Championship. Barboza battles Thongpoon.

“He is ready 100%,” head Fairtex trainer Champ said. “He can’t go backward or Thongpoon will hit him.”

Moving backward will also prevent Barboza/Prada from getting a hefty payday. The bonuses at ONE are sizeable. They are $50,000 USD or more.

It’s a high value day for Barboza on December 8th.


Nakrob Wants More Cows

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Surin native Nakrob fights for his farm. After every bout, he buys more cattle to secure his future.

“I have 20 cows in Surin,” Nakrob said. “Every fight I buy one or two. If I get a bonus I buy two.”

Each cow costs between 70-80,000 baht or $2-3,000 USD.

Like most of the fighters, Nakrob is investing his money. Stamp puts her winnings into building her durian farm in Rayong. Nakrob puts his into cattle.

“I buy the cows from Isaan friends and neighbors,” he said.

Nakrob won a massive headlining fight against Deduanglek Tded 99. The farmer knocked out his opponent with hard hands. Those hands will help build a larger herd of cattle.


Coach Nate Watches The Fighters

New Zealand born Coach Nate regularly helps with the MMA team. He’s crossed over into Muay Thai as well. Specifically, Nate keeps a watchful eye on rising star Aaron Born. The German athlete fights in a tournament final at Lumpinee later this month.

“I make sure he’s doing stuff right,” Nate said. “That he’s becoming more three dimensional.”

Nate makes sure that Born’s details are correct.

“I look at how Born generates his power and the power shift in his punches,” Nate said. 

Power in punches is developed from the ground up. It’s important for the athlete to understand that and generate as much as they can from their footwork.


Working With Shir Cohen

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Cohen is coming off a massive Road To ONE win. She beat Nanghong Liangprasert for the ONE Championship $100,000 USD contract.

Now she’s getting to do extra work with visiting trainer Mac.

Mac is currently based out of the UK. He’s been able to see Cohen grow.

“She has a bright future,” Mac said. “She trains hard.”

Training hard is part of it. The other part is having a goal and taking the steps to make it a reality.

“Everyone has a dream but your dream will not come to you, you must go for your dream,” Mac said.

Cohen is taking steps to make her dream come true. She plans to fight at ONE Lumpinee and ONE Championship as soon as possible. Her recent tournament win puts her in a position to do just that.


Elisa Keck On Bag Work

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German athlete Keck is doing the hard work. The boring work. The bag work.

But for Keck the bag work is important.

“It’s good to work on technique and power,” Keck said.

Along with developing her force, Keck also reinforces what she’s learned.

“After boxing practice, I train what I did but with more power,” Keck said.

She box spars twice a week with the other athletes. In addition, she regularly works her hands with the Fairtex Filipino boxing coaches.

Keck is due to fight again in late December at Lumpinee.


Shadowboxing and visualization With Pokbiil

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New Fairtex recruit Pokbiil emphasizes using the imagination.

“When I shadowbox, I picture I’m fighting,” he said. “For me, it’s the best part of training. After pads and everything.”

Pokbiil shadowboxes after every session to reinforce what he’s learned. It’s also a way for him to create the future.

“If you do shadowboxing perfectly, the fight will be the same,” he said.

Pokbiil won his Fairtex Training Center debut at Lumpinee. He’s fighting on the King’s Birthday on December 5th and is slated for more at the beginning of next year. He’s definitely one to watch.


 Author: Matt Lucas

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