Smilla Still Fighting

Smilla Still Fighting

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The Storm is coming. Smilla Sundell is slated to defend her ONE Championship belt, in September.

Finding an opponent is not easy. Contracts were signed, then opponents pulled out. Her latest foe, Jackie Buntan decided not to fight. The American athlete is undergoing family issues. Buntan made a public statement. 

The two fought before with Sundell taking the points win.

“I feel nervous,” Sundell said. “There’s a lot on the line.”

The Swedish star is coming off a points kickboxing victory at Lumpinee. It was some time ago though. She defeated Milana Bjelogrlić in May of this year.

“I get more nervous day by day. A month away I get really nervous but my parents help me a lot,” Sundell said. 

Sundell currently lives by herself in Pattaya Thailand. She’s been independent for the last year. Her family moved to Sweden. Sundell stayed to pursue her career and dream.

There’s a price to pay though. It comes in the form of regular training. Sundell works out in the mornings and evenings. It is her key to success.

“I believe in my hard work,” she said.

The diligence is paying off. She is still fighting for her dream. Check her out on September 29th. Her opponent will be announced shortly.


Ferrari Can’t Play The Guitar

Former Fighter of the Year, Ferrari Fairtex, was injured. In his last bout against Ilyas Musaev, his finger was dislocated.

Ferrari fought in MMA gloves at the famed Lumpinee Stadium. His index finger shifted out of place. In between rounds, he told his corner. They told him to keep fighting.

So he did.

And he went on to win on points victory.

Now he’s taking some time off for his nagging injury to heal. It’s a hard one to deal with though. He has the free time but he doesn’t have the freedom to use it.

“I can’t play the guitar,” he said. “I can’t play video games.”

Ferrari is as good a musician as he is a fighter. He sings and does karaoke with friends in his free time.

What will Ferrari do?  

Time will tell but the world is hoping that he goes back to fighting and singing soon.


Colorful Y2k Still Has A Heart

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Athletes like Y2K are the beating heart of Fairtex. The Muay Thai and MMA fighter’s career is like a roller coaster. There’s been ups and downs but plenty of fun. 

Y2K first came to the gym at 14 years old.

“I told my dad I wanted to fight. He was a construction worker,” Y2K said. “I was brought to the gym. The first time I didn’t stay, the second time I didn’t stay…”

Y2k’s father gave up. Y2k though tried to continue.

“The sixth time I talked to Mr. Wong. He asked if I really wanted to fight. I said yes and I finally came and stayed.”

Y2K went on to have a strong career in Muay Thai. He won a Max Muay Thai belt. The colorful fighter was the first MMA fighter on the Fairtex Team.

He’s on a layoff now and focused on building his friends.

The fighter still has color and a beating heart for the sport.


Petchwarin doesn’t understand 5 rounds

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Homegrown talent Petchwarin fought 19 times over the last three years. The daughter of staff member and receptionist, Somchai, Petchwarin wanted to get into sports.

Her career is documented. Fans can see her very first fight on youtube. She fought at the gym against another local woman.

Since then she’s only lost twice.

“I lost once because it was in the countryside,” Petchwarin said. “I didn’t understand five round rules.”

Fighting five round fights requires more strategy. Often the longer bouts are scored differently and gamblers can have a much larger impact.

Petchwaring is a muay buak fighter. She keeps coming forward. Mr. Wong refers to her as Smilla 2.0 after Smilla Sundell, the current ONE Championship Muay Thai champ.

Fighting 5 round fights is a different game. But Petchwarin understands the fights she’s in. The forward moving boxer goes to Lumpinee this weekend for Fairtex Fight.


Checking Out Tattoos

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Junior Fairtex looks at Aaron Zackon’s tattoos. The Thai athlete hasn’t felt the pain of the needle yet. Many of her fellow athletes are covered in ink.

Boxers like Zackon blend old flash style tattoos with Thai style.

Many fighters, both new and old like sak yant. The traditional Thai tattoos are done by monks and the receiver adheres to a code of conduct.


Throw the Maddox

(In this Photo: HB7-Red Heavy Bag)

A BJJ athlete throws the Maddox around. The training dummy is a heavy bag for MMA and BJJ athletes.

Perfect for training at home and doing drills with.


Girl Gang

(In this Photo: Fairtex Jersey-Grey, HW2-Red Handwraps)

Female athletes comprise 30-40% of the gym’s fighters. Elissa Keck, Jihin Radzuan, and Anita Karim compete regularly.

Keck is a Muay Thai fighter. She appears on Fairtex Fight at Lumpinee. Jihin Radzuan is an MMA athlete. She came to prepare Stamp for her next big bout. She’s a signed ONE Championship contestant. Anita Karim is a rising star in Pakistan’s MMA scene. She will fight Muay Thai soon as she prepares for her ONE Lumpinee debut.

It’s a gang of girls.


Jihin Got Guns

(In this photo: HW2-Pink handwraps)

The Shadowcat has muscles. The Malaysian star does strength and conditioning. She’s ready to get her pump and her fight on.

Radzuan is at Fairtex to help prepare Stamp for her upcoming belt defense. The Shadowcat is getting more weapons in the meantime.


Hair Style

Celeste Hansen fights again. The Aussie favorite has a few things to do, like her hair.

Many athletes fix their hair before their fight. Some get haircuts, others use dyes. Hansen will get hers braided.

“You can’t use gel in your hair at ONE Lumpinee,” Hansen said.  

The gel restriction comes from MMA athletes. The organization doesn’t want the ring covered in gel. The substance could irritate MMA athletes as they work their ground game.

“I need to get it professionally done,” Hansen said. “I’ll just get braids.” 

She’ll get her hair done and the fight done as well. She fights on August 18th at ONE Lumpinee.

 Author: Matt Lucas

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