Apisit KT Gym Back In The Ring

Apisit KT Gym Back In The Ring

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Channel 7 favorite Apisit is fit. The hard hitter was a famed boxer at the legendary Channel 7 stadium. Bangkok is full of fights and Channel 7 was on every Sunday afternoon. The show, put on by Kiatpetch promotion, was known for its intense action. Apisit was on top form there. Now he’s a trainer at Fairtex. He’s sharpening his tools to make a go at Fairtex Fight later this month.


Sick But Won’t Quit

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Elisa Keck came down with the flu. Scheduled to fight early this month, the German athlete was sidelined. She finally got better. Mr. Wong checked her fitness levels. Now she’s slated to fight in the middle of the month. 

Falling ill is a normal part of fight life. It’s battling through it that matters.


Kendu Irving Goals

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He’s coming off a loss but he’s still got his target set high.

“I want to fight people at a higher level,” Irving said.

He battled Puathai Por Phanomphon in the Road To ONE tournament. He was rocked in the fight but fought to the end.

“My last opponent was at that level,” he said. “I want to beat them.”

To get better, Irving is going back to the basics. He’s training hard at the gym. He’s working on his strengths. He’s working on his weaknesses.

“I want to get better every day,” he said.


Three Rounds Is No Problem

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Petchwarin is coming off a big win at Fairtex Fight. She took on Teresa Wintermyr at 52kg.

Wintermyr is a seasoned veteran.

“I don’t think too much,” Petchwarin said. The all gas and no brakes fighter moved forward. 

“My knees and punches were good,” she said.

Coming off the win she’s scheduled to fight again. As is typical details are still in the works.

“I don’t know who I will fight,” Petchwarin said. She does know one thing. She’s got an end goal.

“I want to be a champ.”


Junior Feels The Pressure

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The higher you go, the colder the air.

And Junior Fairtex is on the climb. She’s slated to fight at ONE Lumpinee this month. The fights are intense three rounds of action. Her training picked up.

“There’s so much pressure,” she said. “Mr Wong is always yelling at me. Don’t Stop! Don’t Stop!” 

The forward aggression is a winning strategy at the entertainment show.  

With the fight coming up there’s no stopping now!


Building Up Experience


Doug Malagon is in Thailand long term. He’s moved out here from San Francisco. Now he’s building up his resume. He’s fought at JF, the small tourist stadium. He’s fought at Fairtex Fight and Max Muay Thai.

“I liked Max,” he said. “Even though it’s small, it’s unique.”

The stadium is on Sukhumvit street in Pattaya. Max is the original entertainment Muay Thai show in Thailand.

“You don’t see things like that in the USA,” Malagon said.

While the show is mainly for fun, there are people who wager on the fights.

“I saw my trainer Hern, put money on me. He was talking shit and got the other team to bet.”

Malagon won the fight and Kru Hern won his money.

The Woodenman Muay Thai alumni is going to Rajadamnern next. He’ll fight on Rajadamnern's TKO show.


Smilla Sundell Fight Strategy

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The Swedish Storm is defending her ONE Championship belt soon. She takes on Allycia Rodriguez at the end of September.  

Everyone wants to know what her plan is. The tall lanky fighter tools are obvious. Her powerful jab and aggressive style undid Jackie Buntan. She used her knees in her kickboxing debut at ONE Lumpinee. 

Her pad work is looking the same. To make what works stronger.


Conditioning Knees

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After training the athletes get together for conditioning work. Holding onto the ropes allows them some stability. They drive up the knees to build up muscle memory.

The students do over two hundred knees per session.


Ellis Barboza comes back with the WBC strap

UK fighter Barboza was recently drafted by Fairtex and Yuth. He fought at Lumpinee. He won. Then he went for the WBC Muay Thai European belt. He came back to his new home with the strap.

His next fight is in the makings. WBC Muay Thai athletes must defend their belt within six months. Barboza will be back home defending it again soon.

 Author: Matt Lucas

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