Body Shots, Pre fight nerves, Junior wins big, Y2k back, and more...

Body Shots, Pre fight nerves, Junior wins big, Y2k back, and more


How To Hit The Body

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Body shots hit hard. A correct punch to the mid section can take all the air and power out of the opponent. Perfecting the punch takes practice. And of course technique. Aaron Zackon demonstrates how to hit the liver.


There are 4 keys to hitting the body.


1: The lead hand is stiff and aligned with the arm.

2: The lead shoulder drops down and towards the target. It then whips in the other direction.

3: The punch aims for the liver, which located just below the right rib cage.

4: The opposite hand remains high and tight to prevent counter shots.


Body shots are set up in combination. Punches to the head will draw the opponent’s guard up. Then the fighter can drop down and slam the blow into the ribs.

This attack works particularly well on taller opponents and or athletes that are not in shape. A few gut ripping punches can turn the tide of the fight.

Pre Fight Nerves

Everyone gets anxiety before bouts. Even Famed fighters like Ferrari, Stamp, and Smilla Sundell get nervous.


Having to go to the bathroom, vomiting in the mouth, and or feeling anxious are all common.


There are a few ways athletes deal with the pre fight jitters.


One is to relax. Backstage the coaches will massage the athletes. This is a great time to try to calm down, to slow the breathing.


Visualizing the outcome is another helpful way of dealing with nervousness. This is something famed athlete Liam Harrison does.


“I visualize what it feels like to win. I visualize what it’s going to feel like after the fight when everyone’s congratulating me after the fight. I find that’s a good way to control your nerves,” Harrison said.


Other athletes like Stamp will think about how much they’ve worked to get to the fight. She will think about her training, and how much time she has put in. Then she reminds herself that she deserves this opportunity and that today is her day.


BM Fairtex, pictured above, calmed himself by listening to music and letting his trainer massage him. It loosened his muscles and made it easier for him to perform.


Junior Wins At ONE Championship

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Rising Star Junior took the points win at ONE Lumpinee last week. The 16 year old came to Fairtex earlier this year and is on a streak of wins.

Junior comes from a fighting family. Her father was a professional boxer. When she was younger she would fight with her siblings. So her father taught her to take her aggression into the ring.

The bout with Pancake Kiatyongyot was a rematch. The two met at Lumpinee once before. It was a close match at Fairtex Fight promotion. Junior edged out the decision win.

“I feel happy and a little disappointed because this fight was not my plan. I plan to have elbows and power so I can push. Round three I feel I don’t have power. I have to train for more stamina,” Junior said.

The mixed feelings came with a judge’s win. Opportunities for fighters like Junior are opening up. She will be back in the ring showing off what she’s improved soon.

The Joker Laughs Again

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Y2k Fairtex is fighting Muay Thai. The colorful character is training his striking, his most valuable asset.

Before the call of MMA drew Y2k into the cage. He fought six times in MMA for ONE Championship. Results were mixed for him. A few wins, a few losses.

But, his Muay Thai career was much more successful. He is a former Max Muay Thai champion with wins over famed fighters like Ognjen Topic. Muay Thai is in his blood. He began training at Fairtex, Bangplee when he was a pre teen. He grew up with Muay Thai fighters around him.

He fought, fought, and fought some more. Now the Joker is ready to show his skills. He’ll fight at ONE Lumpinee later this month.

Stamp Prepares For ONE Championship In The USA

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Star of Fairtex and MMA worldwide is making her American fight debut. The Thailand native is preparing with top talent. Several famed female athletes are training with her.

UFC star Loma Lookboonmee has come to help Stamp with her camp. Loma recently won her bout at UFC 284 against Elise Reed via rear naked choke. Loma is a pioneer for women’s MMA with her Muay Thai skills.

Former opponent Jihin Radzuan came to Fairtex as well. Radzuan moved up the ranks at ONE Championship with wins over Mei Yamaguchi and Bi Nguyen. She took on Stamp in October of last year. Radzuan fought to a competitive decision. She is now helping her former opponent get prepared for the next stage.

ADCC competitor, Lissi Vaht rounds out the team. The BJJ black belt took home the gold medal at the Kuz Open last year. Tall and lanky the athlete travels the world showing off her skills.

Stamp faces Alyse Anderson on the main card for ONE Championship on May 5th. Anderson is an Invicta FC veteran. Anderson went 1-1 in ONE Championship so far but has an overall record of 6-2.

Stamp And Champ

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Champ Fairtex is one of the head striking coaches at the Training Center. The former fighter retired from ring life after a shoulder injury. But, he keeps his fighters sharp and on point with his very technical style.

The Lumpinee veteran travels to the USA with Stamp next month. The two will spend a month acclimatizing to the weather and altitude. This will help prepare Stamp for her next match at ONE Championship. The organization will make its debut in the USA and will stream on Amazon prime.

Hand Control

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Shir Cohen of Israel practices hand control. Managing the opponent's hands is critical in the sport. Holding the hands prevents punches, and can set up elbows. Cohen practices her hand control with her trainer Ae. Often the hands are controlled to prepare for power shots, either cross to the head or devasting elbows.

Cohen is currently in the Thaiwasadu 53kg tournament. The 8 woman tournament is now in its semi finals. She will compete in the next stage in early April.


Author: Matt Lucas

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