Mr. Wong Yells

Mr. Wong Yells

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The owner and founder of Fairtex is passionate. An astute businessman he spends his time on athletes.

“Jab. Jab with power,” Mr. Wong yelled out to Elisa Keck. “Not like ‘Hello. Hello.’ You are fighting.”

Keck is gearing up for the Thaiwasadu tournament. The 8 woman contest is at 57kg. If Keck wins it she takes home a hefty payday and an award from the premier Thai construction company.

Mr. Wong yelled to push Keck forward.

“One, two, three, four, five six,” he said. “Not one-two. Come on.”

His instructions are simple. For Keck and for most of the athletes. More power. More combinations, especially in boxing.

By pushing athletes harder they perform better in the ring. The pressure from Mr. Wong then is a privilege.

“Twenty seconds. Come on. Come on,” he yelled at Keck.

Keck fights in the first leg of the tournament at Lumpinee Stadium on February 10th.


Carmelo Wants A Rematch

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Italian athlete Carmelo Marchese fought at Superchamp. He began his preparations at Fairtex over the last month.

He took on Chatchai Noi Sitnjama. The Thai fighter was experienced with well over 100 bouts. Carmelo Marchese was coming off a year long lay off.

“My last fight was about a year and a half ago because of injury,” he said. “He was a Rajadamnern champion. I fought good after a year and a half.”

The three round bout was very close. Marchese wasn’t nervous though. His preparations were intense. There were problems though.

“I felt pain in my leg in round two and couldn’t kick,” he said.

In the second round, he began to take over. He used his fitness but Chatchainoi used his finesse.

The bout went to decision.

“The fight was very close. I don’t know when my next fight is. The people at the gym talked about a rematch,” he said.

Stay tuned for potential rematch news!


Admiration For Mr. Wong’s Coaching Style

Diana Keck is in the sport. The German athlete is a manager for the WBC German Muay Thai team. Keck recently came to the training camp to get a look at the athletes preparing.

“I really like the strict discipline of Mr. Wong,” she said. “It makes a huge difference for people. It’s a style like from my grandmother.”

Keck visited gyms around the world. She originally got into the sport in Canada with Kieran Keddle at his gym.

The blunt style doesn’t “vibe” with everyone but at the end of the day, results matter in the sport.

“Everyone feels like ‘oh no’ but you have to do it. Either you do it or you don’t,” Keck said.

Keck plans on doing more in the sport.


Kompetch Wins Big And Supports Even Bigger

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ONE Championship is paying big bonuses. The former Lumpinee and Channel 7 champion defeated Daren Rolland at ONE Lumpinee. He fell his opponent by TKO in the third round.

“I’m surprised. I didn’t realize he was so tough,” Kompetch said in the post bout interview.

He was awarded a 350,000 baht bonus for his performance by Chatri Sityodtong.

He’s back in the gym for training but on his break, he began building a better life. He took the money and invested it in himself.

“I’m building a house,” he said. “Currently we are working on the second story.”

Building a home is common for fighters, especially athletes from rural Isaan like Kompetch.

“I’m also sending my younger sister to university,” he said.

Kompetch is paying for his sibling’s tuition at Korat College.

The big bonus makes for big changes.


Nakrob Knocks Out Opponent At ONE Lumpinee

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Surin boxer Nakrob is named appropriately. His fight name is translated as “Warrior.”

And a true warrior he is. After a knockdown in the first round to Pettonglor Sitluangpeenumfon.

The 25 year old  came back to his feet after the first round. It was a 10-8 round.

“It was a long, tough road getting here,” Nakrob said. “I struggled a lot and fought my way up here.”

He had to keep fighting. He was behind on points. In the third round, he knocked Pettonglor down.

The 8 count secured him a victory and a massive 350,000 baht bonus.

“I don’t know if 365 days of the year will be my day. But I must know that today is my day.”

The fighter and farmer usually buy cattle with his fight purses. Born in rural Thailand he invests in animals. His herd is over 10 deep.

According to Statista the number of cattle in Thailand is growing. There are approximately 9.4 million heads. The number of animals is on the rise since 2015.



Author: Matt Lucas

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