Smilla Sundell Defends Strawweight Title

 Smilla Sundell Defends Strawweight Title

(In this photo: Fairtex BGV1 ONE)

Smilla stormed through her competition on September 29th. She battled Allycia Rodriguez to defend her Strawweight ONE Championship Muay Thai belt.  

Sundell defeated Rodriguez at the end of the third round.

“My dad said she was tired,” Sundell said.

Sundell’s father was in her corner along with her trainers Champ and Wut. Her father spoke Swedish, and Champ and Wut spoke Thai.

“For me, it’s okay, because I understand what they say,” she said.

The listening paid off. She was able to finish the fight in the third.

“I was a 10 plus for excitement. I get nervous for the after fight nterview. I still have the same answer for every question, ‘I’m very happy. Thank you,’” Sundell said.

The interview ended with a $50,000 bonus.

The Swedish star takes a short break and is rumored to be back in the ring soon.


How Rodtang Lost To Superlek

(In this photo: Fairtex BGV1 ONE, BS0665-Red Shorts)

It was the fight of the century. Superlek Kiatmoo 9 took on Rodtang Jitmuangnon. The bout was tense. Superlek came in overweight. But Rodtang accepted the bout anyway.

The three round fight at Lumpinee Stadium started with controls. Superlek used a long guard and pushed to stop Rodtang from delivering power hands. The Tank was able to deliver an up elbow though. He slashed Superlek on the forehead. Blood rained and the crowd left their seats to scream.

The fight turned when Superlek scored a knockdown in the second round. Rodtang showed typical toughness. Nothing phases the fighter from Jitmuangnon.

In the final round Superlek controlled Rodtang. The tank tried his best to roll over Superlek but the Buriram native continued to control the fight.

The judges gave the decision to Superlek. But fans all over the world want to see a rematch!


Stamp Secures MMA Belt

(In this photo: Fairtex BGV1 ONE)

Chonburi Thailand native, Stamp Fairtex, made history. She won the ONE Championship MMA strawweight belt. Her title fight was against Seo Hee Ham.

The bout was for the interim belt but right before the fight, belt holder Angela Lee, announced her retirement. The belt was now for the real deal.

It was all emotions at the Singapore venue. Stamp held it together though. She used effective positioning and body kicks against Ham in the first. In the second she almost secured an arm bar submission. The bell rang and it saved Ham.

Time ran out for Ham in the third. Stamp hit her hard in the body. Then hit her again and again. The referee jumped in to stop the fight and Stamp won the belt.

“Stamp when she first came, she showed no prospect at all. She was a very normal fighter. Today I dare not call her a temple fighter. She works so hard,” Mr. Wong said in a post fight speech.

Her next fight is scheduled for a 10 million baht payout. That is approximately $275,000 USD.

“Stamp is not born with talent, but she replaced her talent with hard work. I’m inspired by her,” Mr. Wong said.

The inspirational athlete is on a short break but returns to fighting next year.


An Inside Look At Cornering MMA Fighters

Uloomi Karim is a fighter, he’s also a cornerman. He’s worked with high level athletes like Stamp Fairtex, Mark Abelardo, and recently Jihin Radzuan.

The Pakistani athlete talks about how things go down in the back room.

“You’re drilling the same things. Your work is done. You’re just prepping. You do the same drills,” he said.

When fight time comes the drills turn into action. The first action, of course, is the walkout.

“It’s a different energy walking to the ring,” Karim said. “I’m a training partner. I feel like I’m part of it. The things they do, I’ve helped them with it.”

As the fight goes on Karim gives instructions to his stablemates. He screams for takedowns, for position changes, for strikes.

“How much they listen to you is how much they trust you,” he said.

Trust is earned. Karim invests in his friends and coworkers by showing up every day. By helping fighters, Karim shows he’s always in their corner.


Warning. This Man Is Destructive.

(In this photo: HW2- Blue Hand WrapsBS1714-Pink/Black Shorts)

Yodnamchai is young. But he’s a gun.

He’s been firing away since his return to the ring.

“I’ve had 7 wins with 5 Ko’s,” he said.

In his last fight, and his ONE Lumpinee debut he got a KO bonus along with $10,000 USD.

The winning streak is impressive. It’s been a year since he came back to fighting. His secret to success is simple.

“I train hard. I fight well. I’m not afraid of losing,” he said.

We’re all waiting to see Yodnamchai’s return.


If You Could Fight Anywhere Where Would It Be?

(In this Photo: FMV9 Focus Mitts)

For Ellis Barboza, it’s Lumpinee Stadium. The mecca of Muay Thai, the Madison Square Garden of the East is brimming. The ONE Lumpinee and ONE Championship fights brought a new glow to the stadium. Fairtex Fight and Lumpinee World Championship offer new opportunities.

“It’s the heritage of the stadium,” Barboza said.

The stadium's past points to a bright future. More high quality shows are expected to come from the venue.

“It’s the crème de la crème,” Barboza said.

The top notch facility is in the UK fighter’s taste because he enjoys top desserts.

“I like crème brulee,” he said.

The classic dessert is made of cream and vanilla. It is rich and elegant, just like Lumpinee.


How to Knee Like Superlek


(In this Photo: Tear Drop Heavy BagSuper Angle Heavy Bag)

Nongamm Fairtex is experienced.

And she shares her knowledge. She recently showed her moves to Aaron Zackon.

“This is how you knee like Superlek,” she said. “Your upper body doesn’t move back. You keep your hands up and you crash in.”

(In this Photo: Tear Drop Heavy BagTGO3-Black/Red Gloves, Ankle Guard- Green)

Nongamm displayed the move for Zackon.

Coming off a win at ONE Lumpinee, Nongamm is expected to return to the ring next month.


Fairtex Celebrates Stamp And Smilla Wins

It was festivities and fun in Pattaya. The Fairtex staff came together to celebrate Stamp and Smilla’s massive wins.

It included Stamp singing Backstreet Boy’s “I want it that way.”

Also eager to take the stage was Jihin Radzuan who covered Adele. And Kendu Irving and Iony Lawrence sang to Sean Kingston’s reggae classic “Beautiful Girl.”

The night was capped off with an inspirational speech by Mr. Wong and of course plenty of food.

A great night for the Fairtex family.


 Author: Matt Lucas

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