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Stamp Back To Camp

(In this photo: BGV14 White Gloves, Muay Thai Curved Pads)
The victory was short and sweet for Stamp Fairtex. The MMA star from Fairtex debuted in top form in the USA. She spent a month in Colorado acclimatizing to the altitude.


The Rayong native trained with Neungsiam and Coke Fairtex along with high level coaches such as JD Hardwick, Bruno Carvalho, and the staff at High Altitude Martial Arts.

Her training went so well, Stamp defeated her opponent in the second round with a vicious body kick. Stamp turned off the cage and struck the liver.

“I’m very happy. Thank you to my opponent, Alysse Anderson. Everyone knows I’m from Muay Thai. Today I used Muay Thai to finish her,” Stamp said.

The win was so big she was asked to return to camp straight away. She had to reschedule a massive Australian seminar tour. But even bigger things are soon to announced for Stamp.

The Woodenman Comes To Town

Jongsanan Fairtex visited his home country. The Fairtex alumni went to America over 25 years ago. Now a successful gym owner in San Francisco, Jongsanan came back to Fairtex to pay respects to Mr. Wong.

Jongsanan was a Lumpinee champion under Mr. Wong. He then went on to have a successful career in America. The Woodenman fought under Strikeforce, a popular kickboxing and Muay Thai organization in California. The Chayaiphoom native also donned the gloves for Western boxing. He had a successful outing in the sweet science.

When Mr. Wong returned to Thailand after a long stint in the States, Jongsanan stayed behind.

“I’m so happy for them,” Mr. Wong said when Jongsanan came back.

Jongsanan and other Fairtex alumni helped build a long legacy for Fairtex and Muay Thai around the world. It was great to have him visit.

Gasjang Faces Idol

(In this photo: TV2 Trainer's Protective vest)
Women’s Muay Thai is growing and so is Gasjang Fairtex. The technical fighter is returning to Lumpinee for a big bout. She’s scheduled to face Nongnuk.

“She was my idol,” Gasjang said. “From when I was little.”

Gasjang is nervous to face her former idol but it’s a testament to the growing numbers of female boxers. The sport is exploding with higher paydays for female and male fighters.

Gasjang is seeing that success and going for the stars.

IFMA Gold Medalist Meg Washam

Former Fairtex student Megan Washam trained hard at Fairtex. The Texas native fought at the International Federation of Muay Thai Associations' annual tournament in Bangkok. She represented the USA. Then she came right to Fairtex to get better.

Washam fought four times in ten days at the tournament. She battled the Czech Republic, Poland, Thailand, and Mexico. The Southpaw fighter beat all her competitors to take home the gold.

Washam has big plans for her future. She wants to continue to represent her home country in the States. There are also opportunities for her in Thailand. Mr. Wong already suggested a possible sponsorship after a fight or two.

Still bruised and rushing with excitement Washam has new challenges and opportunities ahead of her.

Summer Heat

Thailand has three seasons. Hot, really hot, and really really hot.

And now it’s the really hot season! The sun is beating down and the temperature is rising. Luckily the athletes are able to still cool off and rest in the ice baths. Twice a week the tubs fill with ice.

The cold water helps soothe the aches and pains from training.

The tub also becomes a lively location for fun and games.

All the gang came out for the latest round of ice.

Saemapetch Sak Yant

(In this photo: BGV11 F day Gloves)
Our favorite Southpaw got another sak yant. The traditional Thai tattoos are much beloved by Muay Thai fighters. Done with a thin reed of a needle the tattoos heal quickly. Often athletes will train right after getting them, as is the case with Saemapetch.

Aussie Muay Thai

(In this Photo:HB6 Heavy bag,BGV14 White Gloves)
Spring Sia, a local Australian favorite moved to Fairtex. The lanky athlete fought Karaked at Fairtex Fight and then took on Thestar Sit Chor in her hometown.

Sia returned to Thailand for new challenges. She is part of a growing number of women who are pursuing a career in the sport.

Australian athletes can fight regularly in their home country. There are promotions like Muay Thai Victoria for early athletes. They can then go on to fight at shows like Roots and Rebellion. The promotions offer an ascension model.

While the promotions are growing, the numbers of female fighters can hit a ceiling. New challengers must be brought in or athletes like Spring must occasionally venture out.

 Author: Matt Lucas

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