Saeampaetch KO Win and more...

Saeampaetch KO Win

The southpaw slugger hit it big at ONE Championship. Saemapetch rematched the slicing Rittewada Petchyindee Academy. Their first fight was in Singapore in November of 2021.
Rittewada took the first match via a slashing cut.
In the second outing, Rittewada was in the lead. He controlled the first round with high activity and aggression. The second round was Saemapetch’s time. He retreated backward and then hopped forward. A nuclear combination of a one-two came along with Saemapetch.

Rittewada dropped. He was out colder than an artic iceberg. Saemapetch’s performance gave him a hot $50,000 bonus.

In a post bout interview, Rittewada didn’t even know what country he was in.

Ferrari Signs With ONE

The luxury fighter from Fairtex is heading to the big leagues. He recently signed a multi fight contract with ONE Championship.

Ferrari is on the road to stardom. He’s achieved wins over other top level fighters in Thailand like Nuanglanlek Jtimuangnon, Sangmanee Sor Tienpo, Tapakaow Singmawynn, Yodlekpetch Or Pitisak, and more.

In preparation for his debut at ONE, Ferrari has gone to the south. He’s spending a week at Khunseuk Muay Thai. The gym is one of the training grounds for ONE Championship all star Superbon Singmawynn. Superbon is the current ONE Champion kickboxing champ. He is a former prodigy of Buakaw Banchamek.

Mr. Wong sent Ferrari down to improve his skills and develop new looks. The future is looking good for Ferrari.

Nakrob Gets Closer To K-1 Max

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K-1 Max is calling and Nakrob is going to answer. The Warrior from Surin in east Thailand has been honing his boxing to perform at the K1 Max tournament. Legendary fighters out of Fairtex like Yodsanklai and Kaew Fairtex faired well in Japan. Now it’s Nakrobs turn.

Kickboxing is a different game than Muay Thai. The pace is faster and more combinations are used. To adapt, Nakrob is working heavily with Fillipino boxing coach Andreas. Coach Andreas is emphasizing footwork, angles, and punching in bunches.

Nakrob is off to Japan on September 11th at the Yokohama Arena.

Petchnamneung at Rajadamnern

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Women’s Muay Thai is exploding and Petchnamneung Fairtex is a part of that. She was one of the first female athletes to fight at the famed Rajadamnern stadium in Bangkok.
Petchnamneung is in the Rajadamnern World Series female division. The tournament has 8 athletes competing against each other. Petchnamneung will face Somratsame Manop Muay Thai in her next fight on September 19th.

Somratsame performed well in her first bout against Dazy 7 Muay Thai from Spain. The Thai fighter controlled Dazy like a matador. She used exceptional push kicks, and lead hand to control Dazy’s bull rush.

Petchnamneung knows she has a tough battle against Somratsame. She is training hard for her opponent.

Kendu Irving at Lumpinee

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New York native Kendu Irving Fernandez is back to Lumpinee this September 3rd. He picked up a points win on his first go at the legendary stadium. This time he’s aiming for more.

“I’m excited to get in there again,” Irving said. “It’s an iconic venue especially as an American.”

While happy with his points win, Irving reinforced his desire for improvement.

“I’m going to push the fight more. I want to control the ring and use my experience,” he said.

The experience is coming for Irving. At Fairtex Fight Promotion on September 3rd.

Advanced Boxing For Muay Thai Fighters Seminar at Fairtex

(In this photo: Fairtex Leopard Boxing ShortFairtex Orange Boxing ShortFairtex SP5 Competition Shin Guard, Fairtex AS1 Ankle Guard)

Kwangtung Realfighter hosted an excellent, and limited seminar at the Training Center. Kwangtung recently took on Yodiq Fairtex at Lumpinee for the Road To ONE tournament. The Thai native faces Talaythong, former Lumpinee champ, on September 17th.

A seasoned veteran, Kwangtung showed his boxing system in a special one hour class. Specifically, he showed how to effectively use the forearm as a block. By absorbing punches on the forearm, Kwangtung can swing over with devastating overhands. He couples these hard hands with leg kicks that cut into the opponent.

And if the leg kick isn’t working, Kwangtung showed how to hook the leg and still create eye catching damage.

The seminar was part of a select series of workshops for Fairtex Training Center students only. The workshops will be held once a month with a rotating list of fighter/teachers.

Douglas Malagon Debuts at Lumpinee

(In this photo: Fairtex HW2 Handwraps)

Woodenman Muay Thai athlete, Douglas, is off to Fairtex Fight Promotion. It’s been a long time coming for the San Francisco fighter. He fell ill but was able to recover in time to train for the fight.

“Hospitals in Thailand are smooth and affordable,” he said. “It was a quick in and out.”

Now that he’s better he’s just a week away from his bout. He will fight on September 10th.

“Fighting at Lumpinee was something that I didn’t think could happen,” Doug said. “I started late in life at 25 years old.”

Many foreign athletes start in their 20’s. Their Thai counterparts start as teenagers.

Stamp Fairtex On Amazon Prime

(In this photo: Fairtex HW2 Handwraps)

Fairtex MMA star, Stamp returns to ONE Championship. She’ll be fighting on October 1st. The MMA bout will stream on Amazon Prime.


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