The Tank Wants to Roll through his competition, Cutting Weight, and Lumpinee life in this week’s Fairtex News and more...

The Tank Wants to Roll through his competition, Cutting Weight, and Lumpinee life in this week’s Fairtex News
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Rodtang’s Game Plan for Savvas

(In this photo: KPLC5 Muay Thai Thai Pads)

The Ironman, Rodtang is training again. After a successful seminar tour in the states, Rodtang is smashing pads. He’s preparing for the next step in the ONE Championship Muay Thai tournament. The hard hitting star faces Cyprus’ Michael Savvas.
Rodtang is experienced. His record stands at a massive 268 Wins, 42 Losses and 10 Draws.
What is his game plan for Savvas?
“I’m going to see when I get to the fight,” he said. “If Savvas backs away then I will go forward.
If he is aggressive I will use my technique.”
Known for his aggression, in his latest fight against Jacob Smith, Rodtang showed composure and technique. He is more than a one trick pony. The Ironman can ride off into the sunset with the ONE Championship tournament win.

He fights Savvas at ONE Championship 161 in Singapore.
Cutting Weight in Thailand

(In this photo: BS1914 Pink Alma Shorts)

Losing weight is a dangerous game that all athletes must play. The perils of cutting too much are weak legs and a loss of stamina. The hazard of not losing enough is a size disadvantage.
Many boxers in Thailand cut the “traditional” way. They put on a sauna suit and go for a run.
This usually happens a day or two before their bout. The goal is to drop as much water weight as possible. Hit the scales and then replenish.
Ahead of the card, the fighters may wear sauna suits when hitting pads or jogging. They will do this to reduce weight more gradually.
Other methods include dieting and water loading.
So how much do athletes lose?
Kendu Irving lost 3kg in preparation for his bout at Lumpinee.
Iony Lawrence cut 4kg to meet the scales at Lumpinee.

Mongkolchai dropped 3kg for his fight at Rajadamnern.
BM got rid of 2kg to duke it out at Rajadamnern.

Massage is an important part of the recovery process for boxers. At Fairtex the athletes will knead each other’s soreness out.
Three methods are used. The first is a typical hand massage. The boxers will sit down as their trainers push out the injuries and stiffness with their hands. The pressure is often intense and almost painful.
The second method is to walk on the athlete. Trainers will stand near the ropes and use them to stabilize themselves as they walk all over the boxer. The ball of the foot massages the legs, glutes, and back.

Method three is a bath. Boxers lay down on a table and then scrubbed. They are massaged with soap and water. This usually occurs when the fighters are closer to their fight day. Training ends early for them and they are bathed. After weigh ins this method is employed as well. It rejuvenates the dried out bones.
There are a large number of massage shops around Fairtex as well. They include foot, Thai, oil massage, and body scrubs.
Taking care of the body is important for boxers and trainers at any level.

Debuting at Lumpinee

(In this photo:  BGV14 Gloves)

American athlete Kendu Irving debuted at Lumpinee stadium. The young boxer from New York City fought in his hometown. This was his first experience overseas. He battled Akobir Albab Ugil from Uzbekistan at 67kg.
“It was my first time fighting three minute rounds,” Irving said. “I had to pace myself more.”
Irving performed out of Renzo Gracie in Manhattan. Many of his bouts were amateur and only two minute rounds.
“It was a good first taste of fighting in Thailand. It was exciting to fight at Lumpinee,” he said.
He plans on returning to the ring soon as he picked up a few injuries along with his points win.

USA vs Norway

(In this photo: Fairtex Competition Shin Guards, SP5, BPV1 Belly Pad,  KPLC5 Muay Thai Thai Pads, and AS1 Ankle Guard)

Aaron Zackon from the states is battling Nicklas Klaus from Norway on July 30th at Lumpinee.
Zackon is coming off a points loss in Dubai. He’s switched up his training as well for Klaus. The Boston native has been working more with Kru Veera and boxing coach Andreas. “I feel good,” he said. “It’s good to train with a different pad holder once in a while. You get different feel.”
Zackon traditionally works with Kru Chao. The two have won bouts together before. “Working with Veera is good. He’s a little quicker than with Chao,” Zackon stated.
He’ll need the extra speed against Klaus. The Norweigan fighter is training out of Saengmorakot gym in Bangkok. He’s also been on a solid streak of form. Klaus won his last bout by a body shot. Zackon plans to neutralize the hands with body kicks and to wrap up in the clinch.

New Talent at Fairtex

Fairtex is always giving opportunities and growing. The team recruited new talent, both foreign and Thai.

(In this photo:  KPLS2 Curved Kickpads)

Jaafar Van Loock is one of the new athletes. He came to the training center years ago with his father. Now 16 years old he’s ready to step up his game. Jaafar is a BJJ blue belt with over 200 BJJ matches under his belt. He’s stepped into the Muay Thai game and fought recently at the Training Center.

Junior is another local talent that was scouted. Her father boxed professionally and taught her his ways. Still, in high school, she moved to Pattaya to upgrade her skills. Junior fought at the gym recently as well and is looking to perform again soon.

(In this photo: SP3 Shin GuardsCompetition Shin Guards, SP5, and BGV1 Thai Boxing Gloves closing)
The UK is representing with Iony Lawrence. Another young fighter, Iony comes to Fairtex via House of Pain gym. Ranked in her home country she came to Fairtex a few months ago, fought, performed, and is back to stay. She recently won on points against Karaked Commando Drink.

Older and wiser Nongam joined the roster as well. Previously fighting out of GT Fitness Pranburi, Nongam has well over 200 fights. Fairtex scouted her at the Fairtex Fight Promotion.
They liked her all action style and signed her up. She’s now on the Road to ONE tournament.

Iconic Wong Fei Hung is on the team. The Chinese athlete fought twice at Lumpinee and secured two KO’s. Mr. Wong gave him his stylish haircut, reminiscent of famed martial arts character Wong Fei Hung. Hard hitting and aggressive the 19 year old is on the Road To ONE show as well.

Rounding out the new talent is Kwangtung Real Fighter. Born in Isaan, he moved to Sweden as a young boy. He continued to fight and moved back to Thailand. He’s taking on Yodiq PK Saenchai at the Road to ONE Tournament at 70kg.

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